Skyscraper in Warsaw (20 photos)

One blogger tells the story of Warsaw, but rather on the high-rise, which is the highest before the construction of the building in Dubai.

In the center of Warsaw is an abandoned skyscraper with dirty windows and a rickety fence, it absolutely does not fit into the architectural ensemble of the modern image of the European capital, this is not some Detroit. Inquired about a little deeper, I found some very interesting facts. It is the pre-war building in Warsaw was the first skyscraper, in fact - the second highest in Eastern Europe! During an all-out bombing of Warsaw in 1944, this building was almost the only survivor! More recently, I wrote about the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but few people know that before the construction of the tallest building in the world in Dubai palm it belonged Warsaw! Highest radio mast height of 643m in the world was not far from the capital of Poland, and was the tallest structure in the world until 1991, when, during the replacement of one of the suspension cables was its collapse. On the comparative table it is marked in gray, like the twin towers of the World Trade Center:

Today, some interesting stories about the highest buildings in Europe ... The construction of the building Prudential conducted from 1931 to 1934 years for the British insurance company Prudential Insurance. The project is a skyscraper designed by architect Marcin Weinfeld and provided the steel slab. During construction used 2 million bricks, 2 thousand tons of cement and 1, 5 thousand tons of steel. On the lower floors of the building housed offices, on the top - luxury apartments.

In 1934 the construction of a skyscraper was completed, it became a symbol of Warsaw and the second tallest building in Eastern Europe at the time of construction. In 1936 the roof was installed television tower.

During the "Warsaw Rising" from August 1 to October 2, 1944 during the liberation of Warsaw, the city was destroyed by more than 85%! But Prudential building survived the massive bombardment of more than 1,000 artillery shells, including a shot projectile weighing more than 2 tons!

After the war the building was reconstructed, the architect was the same Marcin Weinfeld, you are building housed the hotel. Currently, in 2010, there is a reconstruction of the building, in order to give it a modern appearance, but visually repair and construction work is not noticeable. The building resembles a big gray monster in the pleasant atmosphere of downtown:

The tallest building in the European Union at the moment is terrible London Shard (309m). Although a year later I its appearance year already seems familiar:

Warsaw radio mast. Warsaw radio mast - radio mast height of 646, 38 meters. Up to the moment of collapse in 1991 was the tallest building in the world until 2008 (when the Burj Khalifa surpassed radio tower height). Radio tower project was designed by engineer Jan Polyak for longwave broadcasting on the territory of Poland and Europe. Construction near the village of Konstantinov began in July 1970 and was completed on 18 May 1974; radio mast became operational on July 22 of that year. The signal from the transmitter dvuhmegavattnogo could catch in Europe, North Africa and even North America. The total weight of the structure is 420 m (in Polish sources, there are a number from 380 to 660 m). The design was kept in equilibrium braces 15, located on 5 levels. Construction in Warsaw radio mast section is a triangle with sides of 4 to 8 m. The steel pipe from which it is constructed, had a diameter of 245 mm and a thickness varying from 34 to 8 mm depending on the height. The mast is composed of 86 parts height of 7, 5 m. In five places it kept 3 backstay 50 mm in diameter. Each guy was attached in a separate block on the ground. Because of the large currents suggestive procrastination at work the transmitter had to fix them through the insulators. Total weight of inserts and braces made of 80 tons. In the lift mast has been built with a maximum speed of 0, 35 m / s (30 minutes was required to rise from the bottom to the top of the mast); Lift duplicate the normal ladders. The mast was installed on two-meter centers that can withstand voltages up to 120 kV. The transmitter was located approximately 600 meters from the mast. The building housed two transmitter power of 1 MW each. To synchronize the frequency used by atomic clocks. The signal from the transmitter to the mast was fed through a special air coaxial line. On the area of ​​65 hectares of the antenna array housed in a square with sides of 76 m. For power transmitters (consumption of about 6 MW) was built separate substation.

Tower collapsed Aug. 8, 1991 during the replacement of one of the guys. This version was confirmed by chief designer Ian Mast Pole. The mast first bent and then collapsed in the middle. The upper part has fallen near the base, and the bottom fell in the opposite direction. With the collapse of the victims and no injuries were reported. After the collapse of the towers funny Poles came to be called "the longest tower in the world».

After the collapse of the mast Polish broadcaster was using old radio mast with a height of 335 m near Warsaw. The Polish government in April 1992 planned to restore the mast Konstantinov. In 1995 began the preparatory work, but soon they had to stop: local residents actively protested, arguing that the tower radiation is harmful to health. Facts: - During its existence the Warsaw radio mast was the tallest structure in the world, surpassing even the Ostankino TV tower more than 100 meters. In the non-socialist Europe was not the buildings, even approaching the height to the Warsaw radio mast (the highest of them - Hellisandurskaya radio mast in Iceland, 412 m). - Warsaw radio mast - the only one that ever existed half-wave antenna for long waves. - After the collapse of the tower the tallest building without reinforcing braces became Lualualeyskaya VLF station (en) (Hawaii, 458 m), used for communication with submarines. The tallest building with braces - mast KVLY-TV (Fargo, North Dakota, United States, 628 m). At the beginning of 2012 KVLY-TV is the third tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa and "Tokyo Sky Tree" (built in 2011). Here's a surprisingly interesting look at Warsaw I went, just a building Prudential very much interested.



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