Sprint Beemer - cafe-racer with the original design

The main ideologist and developer of custom bikes has become a Sonic Seb, working at the studio «Lucky Cat Garage». The concept has been specially designed to take part in the biggest race in Europe «Glemseck 101».

These competitions include cafe-racers are held annually in the German city of Stuttgart. Sprint Beemer was created to participate in the sprint race at the 1/8 mile. Movement cafe-racers for more than half a century. It arose in the UK. And happily, there is still, absorbing the whole world. In addition to the original design, Sprint Beemer has high-speed characteristics. Despite the fact that because of problems with the carburetor, cafe-racer was forced to withdraw from the competition at the second stage. Nevertheless, it is Sprint Beemer won the Audience Award for the original design.


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