Comedy Gaidai. Interesting facts

Leonid Gaidai entered the history of national cinema as the creator of the exhilarating comedies, many of which have become classics of the genre. Let us recall the interesting facts about your favorite movies!

"Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik»
In 1965, rolling out comedy "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik." This film was shot in four cities: Moscow, Leningrad, Baku and Odessa. Before the start of shooting the script, according to tradition, took place the statement "at the top". Censors ideologues were not given permission to start the process, until the protagonist is named Vlad. As a result, Leonid Gaidai agreed to rename the student, calling him Shurik.
It is known that this role tried a lot of artists. Among them were Vitaly Solomin, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Sergei Nikonenko, Yevgeny Zharikov Alexander Zbruev and Andrei Mironov. Initially, Leonid Gaidai was cast Valery nose, but when he saw the photo of Alexander Demyanenko, realized that he had found the ideal candidate. A spout played a cameo student gambler.
On "Mosfilm" like to remember the story of how Gaidai criticized figure Natalia Selezneva. The young actress was angry at his remark, and as proof of their harmony shot sundress. Interestingly, the operators were given advance team "Action!", So the scene strip happened very naturally.

"Prisoner of the Caucasus»
This movie could not be born if Leonid Gaidai has not read a note about the bride kidnapped in the Caucasus.
Today it is difficult to imagine, but the first comedy of censorship was sent to gather dust in the archives. And only thanks to a happy coincidence, "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "went to the people." One of the first viewers of the film was the Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev, was shown a comedy, hinting that it has moments of seditious, defamatory party leaders. In particular, the censors were unhappy with the provocative phrase "And in the neighboring district of the groom stole a member of the party!". But the head of state appreciated the humor Gaidai, this was a pass to wide screen.

"The Diamond Arm»
The idea of ​​the script for this comedy Leonid Gaidai also came while reading the newspaper. In "Truth" director I found an article on the fight against the smugglers, who were taken abroad valuables in the cast. As with the "Caucasian captive", invented Gaidai in the film role of Yuri Nikulin. Artist even had to take a six-month vacation in the circus, to embody the director intended. And some began to panic when a rumor that Nikulin died. Culprit "duck" became a hotel maid who discovered fake actor's body covered with a sheet. He prepared for the scene in which Simon Gorbunkov falls out of the trunk "Moskvich", flying in a helicopter. I had to quickly reassure the public and to show a live actor.

"12 chairs»
In 1971, viewers saw a new creation by Leonid Gaidai - comedy "12 chairs". The director was very fond of this work by I. Ilf and E. Petrov, and when he got permission to shoot, the script was ready in just one week.
About the film "12 chairs" aware of the fact that the director wanted to use as props real chairs wizard Gambs. It was possible to find only one of them, but the owner did not agree to its rarity sell. As a result, it was necessary to create an exact copy. Chairs ordered abroad - in the Soviet Union there were no artists who have managed to recreate a masterpiece of furniture.

"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation»
1973. Again admirers Leonid Gaidai tend to theaters to see his new comedy "Ivan Vasilievich". It is interesting that it, like the earlier film director, were also complaints from the censors. Gaidai had to change the sentence of the king of the place of residence. At first, it sounded like "Moscow Kremlin". As a result, after criticism, John V. asked the policeman replied that he lives in the wards.



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