Litsepisets Alexander Khokhlov

Art to depict the face - the lot of talented artists. Photographed many draw - also, but to create something conceptual, not a one-time, as a kind of trend - are capable unit. Alexander Khokhlov works in the genre of his own 2D. As he explains, this is the opportunity to present two faces of the same whole. And by what means this can be achieved by the second question. And the artist spent the experiments already done. The project is called «2D or not 2D».

Alexander '31. In 2007 he created his first "dimensional" portrait and earned international fame.

A very strange way. Where only the ideas come from?

If you delve into what he wants to say Khokhlov their drawings, to understand something complicated. Something unites all the figures is exactly. But what is it? One person seemed to split in two, the second masks. Others are decorated with strange strokes.

Frightening. What everyone wants to say the creation of an artist, behind the scenes. At your discretion. You want to be scared. Want admire.

Maybe the artist wants to show that a person is not what we see?

While here in these figures the concept is obvious.

And there are more smells ordinary body art.

Well, that is, of course, not quite normal.

Atypical project - it is possible to say for sure. The main thing that has not died away as the star of the night.


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