China will release a better alternative to Android

kanskaya tehnokorporatsiya Google has a very big impact in the industry of smartphones on the market of China, the report said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.
China angered by Google's position in the smartphone market, and wondered about their own OS /
As noted in the document, IT-company due to its Android mobile platform was very strong position in the market of the republic, and discriminates against some local firms. Furthermore, the agency states that Celestial it is able to create its own mobile operating system.

"Research and development in the field of mobile operating systems in our country too dependent on Android, - believe in the Chinese ministry. - As long as Android is used everywhere, the key technologies and their development monitored by Google ».

The report highlights that Google did not take the time to share program code with their counterparts in China. Chinese resent the fact that the Technology Corporation also uses commercial agreements to curb the promotion of mobile equipment, developed by local companies.

However, the ministry has not yet proposed any specific settlement mechanisms or specific measures to address this problem.


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