Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2014

Which model wedding dress 2014 is the most popular? For ideas for stylish image should refer to the ancient era. Dress in the style of "Empire", direct and airy, brides fit any body type. Do not lose their relevance and dresses - "The Little Mermaid." Straight silhouette and flared bottoms are perfect tall and slim girls. Corsets, deep neckline, cap-sleeves, straps of different thicknesses - a huge selection of fashionable women. Should pay attention to dress with a lace top or bolero. They make an exquisite and tender even the most simple dress.
If you dream of a lush ballroom dress 2014, choose a dress with asymmetrical skirt and bulky decorations: flowers, bows and other. If corset decorated with many details, the bottom should be light and airy. Select the skirt of tulle, organza or tulle. It balances the image, and you'll look like a princess.

Most brides are sure that wedding dress 2014 will certainly be a long one. However, designers are offering no less beautiful models of different lengths. Even extreme mini.
Remain relevant flounces and draping. Want something original? Choose an asymmetrical cut hem. Flex give the image of nobility and luxury. Stop the choice of models in which the loop can be attached to the dress. So you save yourself from a lot of inconvenience associated with this element of the decor. If you want to become the most fashionable bride, then pay attention to dress with double-layered cut, in which the top layer is semi-transparent material. Or focused on the back. Gorgeous lace, cutouts and embroidery will make an elegant dress even a simple cut. Are actual dress embroidered with silver thread. Texture patterns similar to marshmallows, should be sewn organza, satin or tulle. Too dense tissue heavier image and change the proportions of the figure.
Black-and-white palette most people associate with the office or school. However, this combination of colors is capable liven up any wedding dress 2014. If you are not ready black dress, add a belt that color. At the peak of popularity will be the model with inserts of black lace. They add sophistication and originality. Such a bold combination of two opposite colors should be the only focus in the image. Select the most simple hairstyle, veil and accessories.
In addition to white dresses that are classic, not to be less relevant models pearl, milk, peach and pale pink. Choose a color based on its tsvetotipa. Brown hair and brunettes are more suitable for warm shades of beige, blonde - cold pink. Not to be mistaken with the choice of veil, try to buy it from the same collection as the dress. Otherwise, select the accessory is the same color as the dress will be extremely difficult.
Tiaras and combs for hair perfectly complement the image. Range of accessories should go on the principle that the more active the decoration of the dress, the less jewelry. Do not forget about the gloves, which are simply not interchangeable in cool weather. Are actual models with closed fingers. The length of the gloves is chosen individually for each dress.


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