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It turns out that the impact of a weak electrical current to the brain can improve the mathematical ability of man, with the effect will be felt for up to six months. Thanks to this discovery in the future it will be possible to help nearly 20 percent suffer dyscalculia (ie, inability to study arithmetic).

In the 1950s, an old abandoned Inuit family. He left to die alone in the wild cold, away from human habitation. However, the old man turned out to be smart: a knife made from their own faeces and saliva frozen and killed with the help of one of the two dogs, to cut it. Part of the meat he ate part - fed a second dog, and then from the ribs and internal organs poor animal fashioned sleigh, tied them to the surviving dog and went to reunite with his family.

On the human foot can live more than 200 different types of fungi.

In 1777, a Yorkshireman earned two guineas on a bet by eating 15 minutes the whole live cat.

To create Bitcoin day spent enormous amounts of energy - a total of 982 megawatts, is an hour a day. This is enough to provide electricity for 31,000 private homes provide energy or half the Large Hadron Collider.

The words "escalator" and "thermos", before entering the common usage, were once trademarks, just as diapers we now call "diapers».

The eruption of the volcano Montagne Pelee in 1902, a wave of hot gases and ash in a few minutes destroyed before the founding of the nearby town of Saint-Pierre. Of all the city has survived only one man who was in prison, in a poorly ventilated, arranged like a tomb chamber.

In honor of the small Swedish town of Ytterby (which in 1787 was found unusually heavy mineral) identifies four different chemical elements: erbium, terbium, ytterbium, yttrium (contained in this mineral and unknown to the science of the time).

During World War II soldiers of the Polish army, "recruited" Syrian brown bear. They gave the name of the animal Wojtek, learned to drink, smoke cigarettes and sleeping in a tent. The duties of Wojtek was to carry heavy boxes of ammunition, and even bring the shells on the battlefield.

No tropical country has never wins medals at the Winter Olympics.

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