Most good pictures hugs animals

January 21 is the International Day hugs! The roots of this celebration go back to the 80s of the last century. Its founders were American students. On this day, you can even hug a stranger!
We offer you a selection of the most good pictures hugs animals. People tend to not only the sign of attention! 1. Photographer Marina Cano

2. Photographer Sabine Reuss

3. Photographer Giò Tarantini

4. Photographer Sergey Gladyshev

5. Photographer Sergey Bezberdy
"Do you know why embrace it so good? Because the right side of the heart and not this place is always empty. And when hugging the right side fills his heart. »

6. Photographer Hugh Dornan
"It is too much to say, so I just hugged her»

7. Photographer Laurie Rubin
"Most hugs. Sometimes one embrace can express much more than words. Hugs not just pull together, but also give us a sense of peace of mind and confidence that you love and understand. »

8. Photographer Michael Libbe
"There are people: cozy as Fleece Blankets. Embrace and understand - you're home. »

9. Photographer Stephan Brauchli
"The best gift - a hug. Fit to fit, and no one would mind if he is returned »

10. Photographer Savas Soydaner
"Sometimes it is enough just to hug ... It's not difficult, but it can save a person.»

11. Photographer Carlos Carreño

12. Photographer Billy Currie
"People who rarely hug, get sick more often and die quickly." - Janusz Leon Wisniewski

13. Photographer Oldemar Gutiérrez
"A man must be 8 per day kisses and hugs 7 minutes, then he will be happy.»

14. Photographer Bobo Kovac
"- Hold me, please. And then I start to think ...
- I think - about what?
- Just thinking. And now that I did not. "- Max Frye," Complaints Book »

15. Photographer Martin Schaefer
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