January 21 - World Day hugs

World Day hugs - a young international holiday celebrated on 21 January and 4 December, and, if in December the day is called international, national in January, which decided to embrace. According to the tradition of the holiday, to conclude a friendly hug can even strangers.

The holiday has appeared in 70-ies of XX century, to lay down among the students of Western European youth, but the exact circumstances of his appearance are unknown. That same day, boys and girls imprisoned in his arms to each other without any underlying reason. By a peculiar "belief", during a friendly hug people share warmth. There are "scientific" study of utility embraces: friendly touches enhance immunity, stimulate the central nervous system, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, as well as other hormone - oxytocin, which causes favorable disposition towards others.

In the original, it is as much as two holidays: National Day of hugs (Eng. «National Hugging Day») is celebrated on January 21 and December 4 the International Day of hugs (Eng. «International Hug Day»).

Source: ru.wikipedia.org

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