In Tyumen, prohibited outdoor advertising of tobacco and beer

Let us remember the law that is still in effect:
8.09.2001g. Tyumen prohibited outdoor advertising of tobacco and beer
"Head of Tyumen Stepan Kirichuk signed a decree" On the prohibition of dissemination of outdoor advertising of tobacco, tobacco products and beer in the city. "
The main motive, according to the disposal, became numerous appeals of citizens who are concerned that the younger generation is gradually attached to smoking and drinking beer.
Earlier, the outdoor advertising of cigarettes and beer throughout the region forbade the Governor of the Tyumen region, Sergei Sobyanin. ยป
Since BEER drink less did not, beer stores on every corner, I passed the area and photographed the signs. For that just did not go the shopkeepers) But the law is the law, and we must carry it out. What came of it - see for yourself.



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