10 secrets of powerful TITLES!

About the fact that the title - it's 90% success rate, they know everything. But as often happens, to know and apply - it's not the same thing. As a result, most of the sites we see headlines such that after reading the text below, simply hochetsya.I point is not that the title frankly bad, or repels the reader. The main problem - the title of a "no" .It is not "catchy". Does not encourage to read more. And does not cause emotions.

As a component of selling the most headlines?

1. In most cases, the simpler your title better conversion. Do not need anything special to complicate, rattling off clever terms and write the title offers the level of competition in the writer's literary institute.

Most likely, the audience still does not appreciate your efforts! Instead, just try to describe the essence of his proposal, laid in a few words:

-5 Secrets.
-10 Practical steps.
-7 Critical errors.

These titles have become "classics" Infobusiness. But despite its apparent simplicity, they still work great.

2. The color of the header. There is also a rule №1 - keep it simple. Imagine that you just do not yellow, blue, orange and other colors. You are limited only black and red. And you do them enough!

3. Short headlines often work better than long ones. The longer the visitor will read your headline, the more it will bother him.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the legendary title: "They laughed at me when I said that ... (to earn, learn, can, etc.) until I ... (come on a new Mercedes, did a back flip, etc.). < br />
4. Do not "wise" with the location header. Top of the page, in the center - the most optimal place.

5. Strengthen the subtitle header. A good example is the subtitle format description of your proposal (practical kastomarafon, online training, free book, etc.).

6. Press the "pain". We are arranged in such a way that the more we want to get rid of the pain than to have fun))

That is why work well headers, "coming to the most sore spot" Examples: "get to sit in the office?" "Tortured cork?", "I'm tired of bad weather?". And then you immediately offer a solution to this problem - telework vacation in Thailand, etc.

7. Set the intriguing question. We all love mysteries. A further - otgadki them. Therefore, the question in the title, work perfectly.
Examples: "What is the secret ...?", "Are you still ...?", "What would you choose?».

8. Many of us are already sick of the fact that someone says "what" we do not say "how." That is why, in the title, you can go directly to the point.
Examples: "How to Make $ 10,000 in 3 months", "How to get acquainted with ten beauties every night", "How to learn to do Landing Page 1 hour».

9. Buyers want to achieve results "quick and easy". That'S Perfect! - Use these words in the title.

10. And of course we all love news. We may as well write: "New!". Or you can use the same root word, or synonyms: "The latest development", "revolutionary technology", etc.

And of course the main rule - any title should be tested. Because you can never determine with 100% certainty which one will work best.


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