Trying to reason

Cry from the heart of man, tired dog lovers

Not for the sake of the next sobakosracha, even without him, and will not do, writing about his attempt to somehow make a difference in your yard. The last days the weather has settled Frosty, the baby does not get sick, and to support the re appetite for dinner, and health began to walk in the evening, 40 minutes before yesterday was the first trip. In the yard site beauty - it is new, established in the summer, the last day before the snow has covered everything smooth layer and wipers tried and cleared and platforms and tracks. On the site there were a few families and only one man with his dog walked along the path through the area. The dog, of course, could not resist and Nassau at the Christmas tree. He made the remark, the host grunted and left.

On the second day, yesterday, I was walking with a child and another family. They were short-lived, went to eight-thirty, and almost immediately began sobakoshestvie. The people directly with their dog heading directly at the entrances of the area and generously nourished trees, benches and drifts. I looked at it and me just kopilas anger. At the time, I did not say anything.
Today, again, I was alone with the child and did not remain silent. Remarks made exclusively in a polite manner. By the way, the men did not have quite everything all the time - women aged. That leaves one with a taxi and deflected directly to trenazhorov. I approached and asked: "Excuse me, I would like to know how you otnositest to the fact that you walk the dog on the playground, you think this is right?" And then he got the answer - "Leave me alone, do not come near!" I I did not expect, honestly ...

I say - I do not stick, I asked a question. Here a woman just burst - and the children prevented me, yell! Complain about drunk, then that is going! I - what have children? What do you mean drunk? Look - my rebnok on the hill, he never cried, although entitled to it. Did you walk the dog - no. This - a playground for kids, you know? Me - "I do not care about your kids, do not bother me, complain, wherever you want." And gone. Five minutes later, the second appears. Even with a healthy of dog of unknown breed. Dog shit has not yet, I go and ask the question in the same polite manner. By the way, the woman is not on the site itself, and the path back to back. There are benches and urns. she says to me and - and I do not to walk! I've been waiting for! I - what a difference! This - the territory of the playground with a dog here at all on any vpovodu be banned! This left, but leisurely, and at the end of her dog area he is still paused and shat on the snow.

Then there is another one with two small, like poodles. Again, from my side the same question. The answer is surprisingly hard, and said, "I do not care where I want, and I walk there, I'll bring out another dog, see you come near me, and complain to her son." I say it - that the track on which you are now with your dog fell off the platform, or I'll help you do it. She - try. I'm going with the intention (though perfectly aware that it is I do not give) to take psinok and take them off-site. A woman picks up a wild howl. Here to help her fit even three, all dogs! And begin to accuse me of attacking a woman. I'm trying to get a word in, and when I get it, I try to explain that for that matter, none of them are not eligible for a walk. It is illegal and immoral. I am told - and that dog that you personally did bitten?

I - zasrali entire site! They are you and what? Do not bite back! I had brains on one side ... I go to them about Thomas, they told me about Eremu ... Then say, swear, they say, the owners of large dogs, it's all of them. And we have no place to walk! I - take the shovel, a bag and clean up, to walk behind the house, no one will say a word. I - very clean, your baby also did not forget! In general, you attacked the woman, and again - is now derive a large dog and see what you say! Once again frighten some other dog, which, apparently, is to bite me. I say - you ever thought what you will, because a man attacked a dog in the territory of the site? This criminal act. Moreover, the dog will lose, kill, grain you. I begin to threaten criminal case of assaulting a woman. Then I take out my phone and say - what I call the outfit we all wait for him, and everyone is responsible for his act - I for the attack, they for the paddock at the playground. I - go ahead, call me! I'm calling the 112 ... there is, as usual, all the operators are busy. And people are beginning to blame! I - where are you, myzh agreed. Here I have openly sent to dick and say wait a long time - freeze and go. Finito la comedy!

So, was conducted a little experiment, during kotorgo revealed that all met my dog ​​owners - people are inadequate, angry, polite tones do not understand a contact to go do not want to they create problems and at the violation they do not care, other people for them especially children - being unworthy.

I plan to conduct an experiment №2. Call outfit ahead by 9 o'clock somewhere, when a massive paddock. If you do not come - to write a statement to the police station. While I still have the desire and the moral strength to do it.




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