9 signs of liver disease.

The liver performs in our body vital functions: metabolic, protective and biliary excretion. important time to diagnose the outage of the body. Here are some signs that indicate that you have liver problems:
1. The whites of the eyes, yellowish, complexion - yellow, pale urine color - dark yellow.
2. Lack of appetite.
3. Noticeable weight gain.
4. Vomiting, heartburn and a constant feeling of bitterness in the mouth.
5. Bloating. Usually there is swelling on the right side of the chest, making breathing may be painful.
6. White or deformed nail plate.
7. Bleeding from the nose.
8. The constant thirst and frequent urination.
9. headaches and cramps.

If you find yourself at least a few symptoms from this list, doctors recommend a CDL examination of the liver.


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