A few facts about social networks (7 photos)

With the help of social networks can communicate, make friends, play, and even fall in love partying.
But do not forget about the real, real, life. Where you can also chat and without virtual pages.
And the facts someone serve inspiration, and someone and example ...

1 billion plus a little more - so many active users in the largest social network Facebook. In went through those who visits the site at least once a month. For comparison: in Russia is home to about 143 million people in the United States - just over 315 million and only China with 1, 5 billion people can compete on the "population" with Facebook.

10 friends had to delete the users Facebook, wishing to get a free burger. Fast food restaurant Burger King advertising campaign arranged «Whopper Sacrifice» with such rules and the motto "Whopper stronger friendship" (Whopper - the name of the burger). Betray friends for a piece of beef and a couple of rolls agreed 55,000 gluttons.

15,000 guests attended the party 16-year-old German woman in honor of her birthday. She decided to save time and money and did not call his close friends to invite them personally. And why, when everything can be done by one click in the social network. Here are just marked "not for everyone" a young German woman had forgotten to put in the end - all 15,000 were notified by the party with gifts and warmest wishes. A little later another 100 standing at attention, but in the form of police officers. As a result, 11 people were arrested and several dozen were injured by broken glass.

11,000 friends on Twitter helped get Englishman Paul Smith from Britain to New Zealand without a penny in his pocket. All he needed - Internet access and a few short messages is planned journey. In each country, an interesting experiment free trip around the world responded to all sorts of people, some of whom have never even met with Paul. It is this virtual friendship helped the Englishman to realize his dream and save the family budget.


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