SOCIAL NETWORKS. Manipulation of consciousness

Social Networks artificially divide all its users into two parts: my friends and my friends. People share information about yourself with anyone in the virtual space. At the same time, no one is forcing each person to talk about all the details of the personal, professional and family life. Thus it was realized bet on peace eksbitsionizm person.

It would be naive to believe that social networks have been created exclusively for the expansion of the circle of acquaintances, or to save old friends forever.
Virtually unlimited exchange of information in social networks allows to organize the business of selling goods and services.
Representatives of political elites actively exploring social networks. it begins with a discussion of all these official statements existing media.
This is an indisputable fact creates the perfect lever to influence public opinion, and save an enormous amount of money for the maintenance of controlled mass media.
The disappearance of an element of censorship in social networks often leads to artificially created by the coup d'etat initiated from the outside.

Modern psychologists call a massive need for user interaction in social networks - a modern form of madness. Care in the "Virtual" when communicating in social networks leads to the cessation of communication in a real environment.
User social networks are replaced surrounding reality and virtual, which inevitably leads to the development of dementia ...

Psychologists now called the desperate communication in social networks modern form of madness, and scientists are sounding the alarm: in virtually dependent compromised immune system, hormonal balance, developing a rudimentary form of dementia ...

Will homo sapiens resist apocalypse today - see details in the release of the program - "Network Controllers".


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