How cool beer

The world is not perfect though, because in it there is a warm beer. Because our goal - to make the world a little better, we'll show you how cool it (not the world, and beer) for 12 minutes.

Minutes 0-1
The situations are different: in the store overheated refrigerator or a strange one product brought warm ... find old newspaper and tear off some pages.

Minutes 2-3
Wet the paper under the tap or in the rain, if the weather has. (Ideally suited to the situation of the newspaper "Kaif on weekends" and "Zalepuha!ยป.)

Minutes 4-5
Tightly wrap bottles or cans (the latter are cooled faster) with wet sheets of newspaper and put them in a regular plastic bag.

Minutes 6-12
Let down the bag with the bottles in the freezer and surprise yourself and others in how fast you are able to turn to slush warm beer. 5-6 minutes should be enough. You can hold it longer, but no more than 10 minutes - if you do not like beer nibble.




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