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1. The wonderful island of Cuba attracts thousands of tourists from around the world: our compatriots have long chosen the Russia-friendly "island of freedom", and after the rest of the Cuban Beyonce with her husband in 2013, the resorts of the country are actively streamed Americans.
What is important for wildlife lovers, Cuba managed to keep the beautiful and unspoilt beaches and a man of the forest.

Thai capital last year was attended by over 15 million people, setting an absolute record among all cities in the world. The fast-growing metropolis of Bangkok offers everyone to explore the rich cultural heritage and to live in a modern, capture the imagination of the hotels. Combined with the delicious traditional cuisine of these factors make Bangkok a favorite destination of tourists have already visited there and the "purpose" of potential travelers.

3. If you prefer the northern edge of the hot Thailand offers to go to Iceland. Which tour in case of "freezing" represents an opportunity to warm up and recuperate in the geothermal spa.
The country has recovered fairly quickly after the economic crisis of 2008 and has taken a worthy place among the "most desirable" places to visit in Europe.

4. Botswana
For most travelers "A luxury" safari - a journey that is unlikely to be repeated a second time. Therefore Reserve Okavango Delta - the perfect place for such a trip "dream". Here, home to hundreds of species of wildlife: elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, wild rare "instances" - hippos and leopards.
However afford occupancy class "luxury" in the middle of the reserve can only very wealthy tourists, for example, the room rate per person is sometimes more than 1,750 US dollars per day.

5. Tel Aviv has always been a very popular destination for visitors to Israel, and in the whole Middle East. And more recently, the city has become "technological capital" of the East, a sort of "Silicon Valley" - here is the famous office of Google, as well as representative Amazon, Facebook, a lot of small businesses and start-ups.
Tel Aviv is also positioning itself as a resort, gay-friendly, and this, in turn, adds to the number of tourists in the city.

6. SuperDynamic metropolis Hong Kong Hotel has recently gone through a boom, one after the other are opened first-class hotel the largest networks.
Once the city has become the financial center of Asia, then travel and trade, and now firmly gaining a niche art, hospitality meeting all sorts of art exhibitions and activities, for example, in May 2014 in Hong Kong will host the World Arts Fair.
In addition, local authorities have invested 642 million dollars in the creation of the Museum of Modern Art, which is scheduled to open in 2017.

7. Favorite Russians Croatia becoming a member of the EU and Schengen regularly cancels visas for us that many of our compatriots appreciate and gladly go to enjoy the mild climate of the country. In addition Nežárkou, pleasant weather, Croatia offers stunning scenery and beaches of the Adriatic, acquaintance with rich cultural heritage and ancient architecture, as well as the famous Mediterranean cuisine and wines.

8. Many of us are well aware of the cultural center of our country - St. Petersburg: in this city, you can come back again and again, and in 2014 do not make exceptions. Walking along the Neva River, a visit to the Hermitage, good and affordable food, and even nightlife - all Peter offers both foreign and Russian tourists.

9. Brazil this year welcomes millions of tourists, because summer is held the World Cup. Matches will be held in cities across the country - from Brazil to Rio de Janeiro and from Salvador to Sao Paulo. But after only two years, Brazil will host the Summer Olympics.
In preparation for the major sporting events in the country are large-scale works - the elimination of the favelas (slums famous, full of crime), the construction of hotels and tourist infrastructure, the fight against crime. Although the Brazilians came out en masse last summer to the streets to protest against budget spending, many believe that in the near future the country will face the influx of tourists from around the world.

10. A presentation on the choice of Tokyo to host the Olympics in 2020, a bustling Asian metropolis once again drew attention. Before the games is as much as 6 years, and the city is preparing to become the center of world tourism in the coming months.
In any case, adding that Tokyo has literally "everything" - a variety of types and budget hotels, shopping, unusual bright color and even the maximum number of 3 star restaurants in the Michelin -x (by the way, more than in all of France).

11. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
The largest coral formation in the world. Protected by UNESCO and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Fans can watch the diving here in 1500 varieties of fish, whales, dolphins and other marine flora and fauna.
Environmentalists predict the disappearance of reefs due to global warming and environmental pollution, so that those wishing to see this miracle is planning a trip to Australia for the next 50 years - that's a term left reef experts.

12. Nicaragua
The capital Managua is one of 10 cheapest cities in the world. And if you decide to spend money on a ticket to this country, here you will meet white beaches, unique nature reserves, great opportunities for diving and snorkeling with huge turtles. And in Nicaragua, you can climb the volcano.

13. Berlin is considered one of the "coolest" cities in Europe. Trendy clubs and bars, designer shops in Berlin coexist with traditional historical sights.
Available hotels and relatively inexpensive flight - in a word, 'recommended »!

14. If you're in the shower - a romantic, seeks to conquer space, as a bonus offer another option. This year, Virgin Galactic aircraft can go to intergalactic travel. In "economy" fare $ 250,000 per person. "Let's go!" As they say.



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