Have you ever been in the apartment cost 25 million dollars?

Have you ever been in the apartment cost 25 million dollars? Me neither, but today was able to visit. Price translated at current exchange rate in rubles and ofigel completely. Apartment for 960 million rubles. How do you like it? I looked it, but to be honest, that just did not understand. Represented anything other than what I saw. It seemed to me that the apartment for the money, it is something from the field of dreams. Will you come into this and fall in love forever. And it will be so good that home to his close konurku not be able to return. The reality was somewhat different.

Calls me today and Dima says food in Plaza apartment overlooking Central Park to watch you with me? I tags "Plaza" and "Central Park" is repeated twice is not necessary. I ran out of the house has not hung up. I have interest in this matter purely research and photographic. There are places in New York, where to visit just will not work. And Plaza is one of them.

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Brief historical background for you to understand what is at stake. Plaza is a hotel built in 1907 at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. And it is not just a hotel, and one of the most famous in New York. In Plaza hosted many famous people. For example, there lived four Beatles during their first visit to the US in 1964. The hotel you've probably seen in the movie "Home Alone 2". Macaulay Culkin Hero, Lost in New York, he lived it to the Plaza. In the hall he met the then-owner of the hotel - Donald Trump. But have since changed and Macaulay Culkin, and the owner, and the hotel itself.

In 2004 Tram divorced his wife and put his "Mona Lisa" (as he called Plaza) for sale. Over $ 675 million hotel acquired Israeli company El Ad Properties. In 2005 the Plaza was closed for reconstruction, and three years later it opened its doors forever ceased to be one of the Plaza, which was before. Now it is half hotel, half a prestigious residential building with 152 apartments. For hotel guests and apartment owners have arranged various inputs and since then to get into his residential area is by invitation only some of the residents. Next lobby you will not be allowed.


3. In the photo the hotel entrance. How could I pass up the opportunity to go where you can not go? Of course not. Especially because the program was supposed to light buffet and view three apartments for sale, includes one penthouse with views of Central Park. This option is particularly interested me. But then it all went wrong. Open house (so-called process of the show apartments to potential buyers) with buffet somehow canceled. As a result, we have shown only one apartment of 397 square meters and cost 25 million dollars. About her and the story.


4. Hall for permanent residents Plaza. Can not take pictures there (right should shout from the concierge). Access to the apartment is behind me. It has a separate entrance from the lobby, though, and is on the second floor. In order to get into it, you have to climb the long ladder or sit in a personal elevator.

In 2011, on the 12th floor of the Plaza for $ 48 million apartment bought myself Igor Cool. This information is immediately pops up as soon as you say that you are from Russia. Moreover, according to the manager, who drove us, he does not live in it, and only stops when visiting New York. I am always amazed at such things, especially looking at monthly expenses and taxes. Buy a course you can, but then contain ...


5. This lounge. The apartment is sold fully furnished. Although I then immediately the question: why do you need someone else's furniture, if you have a lot of money? I now no plan, no interior is not much. And this even though the 25 million I do not have.


6. This is a view of the 25 million dollars. To be frank, the kind of so-so. Those who live in New York, represent, what's the noise outside the window.


7. Another view. Living large, but not huge.


8. It is made of a two-tier.


9. It is necessary to climb the stairs in the hallway and you will find yourself in the dining section.


10. Top view.


11. WC toilet. Just four and a half bathrooms. The one in the photo, just half - no bath.


12. It has a bedroom. All three of them. Two apparently guest and one master. Frankly, weird layout.


13. Beds. In appearance and layout more like a hotel room.


14. The view from the window. Came out this morning in shorts and surprised everyone. The window is also interesting is located.


15. Well, you can not live on a busy street with such a view. Over 25 million. Dollars so precisely.


16. The bathroom in this bedroom. The second room is almost the same, only slightly larger in size, and in the bathroom bath instead of a shower.


17. Corridor. In the distance, at the bottom of the front door.


18. In the corridor to equip an office. I do not understand why done three bedrooms, but at the same office in the hallway? Who do you have to be to live this way? Rent rooms to tourists?


19. The master bedroom.


20. Why are there so many sofas, I did not understand. For evening intimate conversations with his wife?


21. View from the bed. Soundproofing is made for five-plus, but I still hear the street. How to sleep there, I do not really understand.


22. The master bathroom.


23. And the door to the dressing room.


24. This narrow room filled with shelves and cupboards.


25. Here and there meets someone's things. I did not understand: this is for demonstration or where someone lives.


26. Return to the hallway and go into the kitchen.


27. Kitchen in the photo looks nothing, and in the description of the agent is simply perfect, but in fact it would be desirable to break and throw it (as well as everything else). Freshness of it not blowing as well, and from the rest of the apartment, too. Ie it's not something that is killed, but obviously not new. Although, maybe it's a style - Scandinavian. But then it is not clear for what you pay 25 million.


28. Even in the kitchen does not have windows, which gives a bit of atmosphere klaustrafobnosti. Start to think that you are in the hopper. Another funny that the cabinets have tanks and refrigerated products, which once again confirmed my guess that in the apartment someone lives.


29. And this is a wonderful room.


30. This children. And once on four children. Windows here, too, is not provided. The atmosphere is reminiscent of both the prison and submarine


31. There is still a little room with a washing machine and dryer (clothes again hint), but it is unlikely to change the overall attitude towards the apartment.


32. The plan of the apartment, if you're interested. After watching and my criticisms Dima prorezyumiroval: this apartment has nothing seen worse for the money. Money in really are not that great for New York. Relative to other expensive apartments, over the same.

At my request, Dima has sent additional information on this apartment.

Monthly payments:
$ 5,500 - Payment for the content (this house payment for utilities, maintenance of the house, shared facilities, Dorma, concierge and other services. In English it is called Common Charges.
$ 5 901- property taxes
ie Just a month $ 11 401

I also wondered how many agents earn on such a transaction. Here's what he wrote:
Party Seller offers 2, 5% of the buyer's agent, most likely the seller's agent also takes 2 to 5%. Ie the current owner of the apartment will pay total fees of 5% or $ 1, 250, 000, which will be divided equally between the agents of the two parties.

That's the real estate. Here's a crazy market. If I had that much money, I would definitely not buy this apartment. Treat it as an office yet though as that is possible, but it is adequate housing is not exactly pull. Especially house worth 25 million dollars.



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