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With fame, money and position, people get more opportunities. They can do that is not available to others, and to be in such places, some of which can only dream of. But despite all this, the world is a place where it is extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible to do) there. This is due to the fact that you are not a member of a family, or do not have the right to be privy to state secrets, or simply a journey may be your last. Today Editorial has prepared for you a selection of different places to visit that can not all. Let's delve into this with a small part of our world, shrouded in mystery ...

1. Snake Island, Brazil
Ilha da Queimada Grande - the only place in the world where dwells the serpent, called the island botrops. In addition to her live here and other poisonous snakes whose venom can kill a person instantly. The density of poisonous snakes on the island ranges from one to five per square meter. The Brazilian Government has banned sail here all but scientists have received a special permit. The island has a lighthouse that operates automatically. Once the lighthouse was the caretaker, but he and his family had died three days after landing on the island. Snakes do not spare anyone!

2. Pine Gap, Australia
The military base in the territory of Australia. They say that there are engaged in testing various aircraft, including unmanned and track signals from space. But the government does not like to spread about this place, so on the basis of very little is known, for entry into its territory is strictly prohibited.

3. Surtsey, Iceland
February 14, 1963 near the coast of the Icelandic volcano eruption, as a result of lava ejected them formed a small island. But to go on it is not easy. Nature if she did not want to let anyone. It is dangerous out there!

4. Mezhgore, Russia
This is a closed city. It is accessible only by special permission. It is said that the inhabitants of this city are employed in the manufacture of nuclear weapons ...

5. Number 39, North Korea
Most of the representatives of power structures of the world are involved in any "dirty work." The North Korean government is directly linked with the activities of an organization called "The Number 39". Rumor has it that the members of this organization are not alien to actions such as selling drugs and manipulation of various financial documents and money to gain from these activities are directed to the elegant life of the government and the development of nuclear weapons.

6. Gentlemen's club White, England
Despite the fact that the existence of this club has been known for over 300 years, it is considered the secret society of England. It can not get women and ordinary people. Only the Prime Minister David Cameron was able to leave the club, considering that his views are too different from the views of the members of the club. Join the Club is not easier than to get knighted.

7. North Sentinel Island, Bay of Bengal
It is difficult to get, not only because the island is covered with impenetrable jungle, but also because of the fact that the locals do not like guests. The fact that there are so primitive people live, what they do is not worth throwing spears flying by helicopters. Therefore, the Indian government banned visiting the island. So they protect the rights of Aboriginal people and save the life of the rest of the curious onlookers.

8. Disney Club 33, United States
It's a secret society at Disneyland, which was founded by Walt Disney himself in 1967. Even if you manage to find out where it is, without any special invitation to you there will not be allowed. The club consists influential people who visited Disneyland. New applicants for membership restrains also the first installment in the amount of $ 25,000, an annual fee of $ 10 000 and the queue length of 14 years.

9. Reservation Yavari, Brazil
Here, isolated tribes live who have discovered only by shooting from a satellite showing human activity. Scientists were able to get inland and found people who are quite successful harvest and live in their own convenient for them the world. In order to preserve the local tribes issued a decree that prohibits anyone would visit the area in which these people live.

10. Area 51, USA
It located in Nevada. Here are studying the problems associated with the existence of extraterrestrials. Despite the fact that some information about this object was declassified US government still denies its existence.

11. Polygon Woomera, Australia
This military facility located in Australia. It is the largest landfill in the world. Here, the local army is experiencing a different service. If you are somehow able to get on the ground, the alarm system will treat you as an enemy and you will not be good. Also, at the landfill site are deposits of various minerals, which can provide a country in the future.

12. Mount Ueter, USA
In the case of an emergency, dumped here the main US political figures. This property is very carefully guarded. Its territory has its own laws, so getting there is almost impossible.

13. World Seed Vault, Norway
There is a stock that will help the world recover all the crops in the event of a global catastrophe. In this store are the seeds of plants from around the world. It is impossible to get inside, but you can take a virtual journey ...

14. The cellar, which stores recipes for Coca-Cola, USA
But at this point it is difficult to go wrong. It even lead tours. But all the secrets and mysteries of ferret still will not work ...

In these places will not be able to visit all of whom it came into our heads, despite their position or status. If you enjoyed this collection, you will certainly share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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