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With regard to recent terrorist attacks

Immediately there was a question the motive of the crime. Why is this being done in public transport or train station? A few days been on the market - people packed, accessible from all sides free. Victims could be hoo, especially before the holidays. The same applies to large shopping centers. Why alleged terrorists have chosen to place these explosions?
Probably forgotten that the introduction of the "name" of tickets takes place according to the Federal Law №16 «On transport security", the relevant decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. This law was adopted just after the terrorist attacks, remember when it was in the subway and the airport Domodedovo and so on ... According to the law "nominal" tickets should be introduced in almost all modes of transport. Now and in the long-distance bus is introduced.

The same strengthening of control over the private lives of Americans got when they blew up the US government on 11th September, two shopping centers. And then the authorities had the opportunity to intervene in the private lives of citizens, "the law».
Hence, these attacks are made to the already prepared (of course) the new laws limiting the rights of Russian citizens.
What was done after the first terrorist attacks we have - in airports everywhere put X-rays at the entrance, and a surveillance camera also poke around every corner, so to increase the level of security seems to have nowhere to go. In what has been allocated a budget of tens of billions? Solely on the hype: all inputs ponastavili wands and concluded an agreement with ChOPami (of course, "her") to simulate vigil safety.

But Railways clearly feels deprived: for 46, 7 billion. Rub., As much as 12 went to the subway (they have since bahnul), while the railroad was able to snatch a 17 billion at a length of roads. Railway stations - it's just a gold mine in terms of cutting the allocated funds.

Now to answer the question - why "terrorists" did not choose for the explosion is just the place - the mall or market?

Markets such as belong to the Diaspora - they have a roof that pays tribute to the local, and local pay for the roof Minister. That is, no one will strike on business and profit is clear as day. A municipal ownership is not as sorry as sorry for them their money.



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