"Good boy and Roly-Poly". Obedient and disobedient egg

First, try to put the whole raw egg on a blunt or sharp end. Then proceed with the experiment.
Pierce at the ends of the eggs two holes the size of a match head and blow out the contents. The interior of rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry thoroughly inside the shell for a day or two. After that close up the hole with plaster, glue with chalk or whiting so that it becomes invisible.

Pour into a clean and dry shell sand about one quarter. Close up the second hole in the same way as the first one. Obedient egg is ready. Now, in order to put it in any position, quite gently shake the egg, keeping it in the position that it will have to take. Grains of sand move, and delivered the egg will maintain balance.

To make "Vanka-Poly" (dolls), you need instead of sand in an egg outline of 30-40 pieces of the smallest pellets and pieces of stearin candles. Then put the egg on one end and heated. Stearin melts and hardens when, blind pellet between them and glued them to the shell. Mask holes in the shell.

Tumbler will not be able to lay. Obedient same egg will stand on the table, and on the edge of the glass, and on the handle of the knife.

If your child wants, let razrisuy both eggs or to attach them funny faces.


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