How to boil an egg "inside out" in 7 Easy Steps


Boiled eggs, it's so boring. Yolk inside the protein outside, and so it was for centuries. Enough! Today we will tell you how to cook an egg inside in 7 Easy Steps! You will learn a simple way how to boil an egg so that the change of its main components in some places, that is, that the yolk was outside, but inside appeared protein. Why? But who are we to invent meaning to why people love to do with eating strange things. So there you go ... Enlighten raw egg fonarikom0a168464b5.gif

See how bright? This suggests that the egg is ready to izvrascheniyamObernite egg adhesive lentoyb8e1ad16c2.gif

From the outside it may be silly, but do not worry, science is constantly doing things that at first glance seem to be full bredomZavernite egg inside kolgotok2ad54b19d8.gif

Shook the egg in pantyhose, do not forget to fix it so that it was not on the wall of your kitchen. To do this, make a knot or fix anything with two storonVozmites the ends of tights and rotate yaytso271f149174.gif

The most fun part. Be careful not to break the egg itself on golovuSnova enlighten egg fonarikom5693299b14.gif

Egg is not lit? That'S Perfect! It is ready for cooking! If the egg is not lit, it means that you have it bad to drive on kolgotnoy carousel, and you have to repeat it zanovo.Svarite egoc373489118.gif

Remove the egg from the tights, but do not remove it with duct tape. Place the egg in warm water and simmer for 10-15 minutes rolling it over the pan from side to side. Once the egg is cooked, place it in a bowl of cold vodoyGotovo! efdccf6415.gif

Peel and cut the egg, voila. Can give himself a moment of smugness, because you'll have to boil an egg inside!


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