And the spirit Kiseleva hovering over them. In Sevastopol antimaydanschiki returned from Kiev, three weeks living in a tent camp

Residents of the city talked about their impressions of Kiev
In Sevastopol citizens have returned to more than 20 days were antimaydane the Mariinsky park. The train from Kiev and met with representatives of the authorities. About 50 people have gone to their homeland, according to information media portal "Sevastopol».
 - We lifted. We were leading the column. We helped KGBR quick response. Our column was armed scene when Deputy Speaker. That is, always and everywhere Sevastopol was on the first place. We have always be relied upon. And we do not have disgraced the city. We were approached by people from Kiev, Chernigov region. Brought conservation grandmother and said, guys, thank you that you are out of Sevastopol - said the member of the Union of the creative intelligentsia of Sevastopol, Dmitry Sandrikov.

 - We lived in a tent. We had 48-50 people. And how to eat? Gave field porridge. The rest is thrown off. We tried to somehow diversify the menu. We all bought themselves. Cleared for tea and coffee. Cottage cheese is sometimes permit themselves. We are not always able to go into town for groceries, - says deputy of the Sevastopol city council Nina Prudnikov.

Like her colleagues, she was very impressed by what he saw at the Independence Square and says - all show and tell journalists some media distorts reality and far from reality.

 - It's very scary. There are Wahhabi. There are heavily armed militants. There are people in whose hands cutting sharpened. This is scary. Batons, sticks. On the day of St. Nicholas, we come to them to show that we are peaceful. Let's hug, let's kiss. We are people. We are for a strong united Ukraine. And under his jacket arms. Each weapons - says Nina Prudnikov.

 - To tell scary. This is not the right word. Because the 200 thousand people who are armed. When we arrived, I acted just Klitschko. And he said: "Who is there blather?" We were immediately surrounded. And we said, 'Throw the flag of the Party of Regions, and we will miss you. " But I is not gone. Therefore, screaming and "Zack Get out!" And "Down with Gang!". And the people stood. I just heard the command from the outside - not to succumb to provocations. That is, we have come to provoke. We come in peace, with gifts - continues to Dmitry Sandrikov.

According to him, the people standing, so to speak, on the other side of the Maidan, do not come to the idea: it most likely fanatics.

 - People under the Ecstasy, or under the influence of psychotropic substances. Because so behave just fanatics. I ran up to me a guy with a ribbon of the European Union, when we retreated back. He asked, "What are you guys doing here?". I told him that we come in peace. And he said, "You are brave!". That is, there are very many people think like us. But they say it's different. They presented things differently. The fact that there is presented to people, do not correspond to any law, no human factor. Because in their eyes, we are bandits and they are hard workers.

 - At night, they were trying to break us. To storm our tent camp. When we got up to support protection when go and take a look - they have glass eyes. They are like zombies. And we have not once heard when the city went, they hand out there, and alcohol, and the fact that they're engaged in looting. Even he had the phrase "Maidan will pay." They went to the supermarket, stealing and leaving, said that the Maidan will pay - says a resident of Sebastopol Max Schulz.

The fact that you saw Sevastopol volunteers will remain in their memory. After all, in time of peace blood was shed any innocent people.

 - Just kill the guys, golden eagles, who did not even have sheets. They were stoned, beaten with rods. They were beaten with chains, and they just stood there, because there was no team, just standing and substitute their helmets. A lot of people seriously injured. About 300 people. Young people were left without legs. Because they crushed feet, - says Dmitry Sandrikov.

All event Sevastopol, living in a tent camp in Kiev, considered a failed coup attempt.

 - Of course, I would like to put an end to this policy of the opposition - because they no attack - says Nina Prudnikov.
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