Hopeless Romantic

25-year-old Reese Mackey during the New Year on the streets of Hong Kong saw a crying girl. He decided to go to her and find out the cause of her grief. As it turned out she lost her friends and can not find the way to your hotel. Guy met her and even managed to dance. In parting, they took pictures and she said only a "Find Me". The story read under the cut. The next morning saw a picture of Kathy McKee, remembered a great evening and was determined to find her. Unfortunately, he could not remember the email address that said Cathy, therefore appealed for help to the users of Facebook.

"I was locked in a hopeless romantic, but the search for Katie woke me up. I hope to find it. And in this way find themselves. The probability that I will succeed, one in a billion, but I am satisfied and such chances. I'm going to put all the chips on the table and do not give up "- added to its history Reese.

These words were enough to touch the hearts of thousands of Internet users who were searching for a girl named Katie. Soon worldwide hunt yielded positive results - "helpers" mad romance found the girl and threw her messages. The situation is so out of control that Kathy had to remove your social profile.

But even worse, organized Reese hunt attracted media attention. Although McKee refused to take part in the television show, his story became public. Man himself admitted that he did not expect such a rush and have regrets publicly calling for help.

Judging by the reaction of Cathy, she is in no hurry to see a hopeless romantic, but does not reject the probability of meeting.

Now frustrated Reese changed his policy: he was waiting for them arranged hype settles, and only then try to approach the frightened girl, who at the moment is in the south of France.

Source: vova-91.livejournal.com


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