Sailor of the service

Not everyone will be able to serve on a submarine. Requires nedyuzhy health, physical fitness and of course the lack of claustrophobia. This reportage sailor told about life, food, commanders and many other delights of life of submariners. Submarine

I studied at the Naval War College. Dzerzhinsky, but it's the way the officer. A sailor on a submarine can be accessed through the draft board: they send recruits to the training center, where we are preparing for six months. Each specialty has its own warhead, such departments in the company. First - Mate, the second - a rocket, the third - Mino-torpedo, the fourth - radio equipment and communications, which just hit me then, and the fifth - electromechanical biggest. From the first to the fourth part - the so-called CU-suite. They go neat and tidy. A BCH5 - a "maslopupy" they're knee-deep in oil and water, they all holds, pumps and motors. After talking SCHOOL distribution on the base. Now submarines based in the North or in Zapadnaya Litsa, Hajiyev Vidjaevo or on the Kamchatka Peninsula, the city Vilyuchinsk. Another base in the Far East - it is popularly known as Big Stone or Texas. In the Baltic and the Black Sea submarines there - only diesel, that is, not fighting. I got to the Northern Fleet, Western-ups.

The first dive

When the submarine out to sea for the first time, all seafarers must undergo a rite of passage. I had a minimum: in the ceiling of the cabin poured seawater, which need a drink. Taste her terribly astringent and bitter. Repeatedly there were cases when people just sick. At the same time we presented the evidence drawn from the hand that I now submariner. But some boats to this ritual added "Kiss sledgehammer": it is suspended from the ceiling, and when the boat swings, the sailor must contrive to kiss her. Meaning last rites escapes me, but the debate is not accepted, and this is the first rule to learn, coming on board.


Almost on each submarine has a crew of two. When one goes on vacation (and they are laid after each avtonomki) intrudes another. First comes the working out of problems, for example, to dive and to get in touch with another submarine, diving to the maximum depth, target practice, including surface ships, if all exercise staff accepted - the boat goes to the military service. Avtonomka lasts differently: the shortest - 50 days, the longest - 90. In most cases, we sailed under the ice of the North Pole - the boat so it is not visible from the satellite, and if the boat floating in the seas with clean water, it can be seen even at a depth of 100 meters. Our task was to patrol the sea area in readiness and application, in case of attack, weapons. A submarine with 16 ballistic missiles on board may erase from the face of the Earth, such as the UK. Each of the 16 missiles is 10 autonomous warheads. One charge is equal to about five or six of Hiroshima. You can calculate that every day we drove with 800 Hiroshima. Was I scared? I do not know, we were taught that fear those for whom we can shoot. And so I did not think about death, you do not go every day and not think about the proverbial brick, which can fall on your head? So I tried not to think.


The crew of the submarine carries watch the clock in three shifts of four hours. Each change of breakfast, lunch and dinner alone together hardly talking. Well, except for the general assembly and events - festivals, for example, or the competition. For entertainment on the boat - tournaments in chess and dominoes. They tried to arrange something sporty like lifting weights, push-ups, but we banned due to the air. He submarine artificial, with a high content of carbon dioxide CO2 and exercise are bad for the heart.

More movies show us. When there were all these tablets and DVD-players, I stood in the common room of film projector. Steep basically something patriotic or comedy. All the erotic, of course, was banned, but the men got out: cut the most revealing moments of the film, where the girl undresses, for example, glued them into one and let the circle.

To live in a confined space is not as difficult as it seems. In many ways, because you're always busy - you spend eight o'clock on the watch. It is necessary to monitor the performance of sensors, remote control, take notes - just not otvlechёshsya to sit and think about life. Every day at about 15:00 pick up on all the "small tidy." All are going to clean up some land. Someone is a control panel from which it is necessary to dust off, well, someone - a latrine (toilet for sailors at the bow of the ship. - Approx. Ed.). And the most insulting - reserved for the areas you do not change the whole service, so if you really started to scrub the toilet - draish it to the end.

What I like swimming - so it's no seasickness. The boat swayed only on the surface. However, according to the rules of the boat is obliged to emerge once a day, to hold radio session. If under the ice - is looking for wormwood. Exit to breathe, of course, is impossible, although there have been cases.


One day the cook should not only be ready in nine horde 100 hungry sailors, but also for each shift to cover the tables, then collect the dishes and change it. However, it should be noted, divers fed very well. For breakfast, usually cheese, honey, jam (sometimes of rose petals or walnuts). For lunch or dinner necessarily red caviar and sturgeon sturgeon. Every day submariner put 100 grams of dry red wine, chocolate and roach. Just at the very beginning, back in the Soviet times, when talking about what submariners to raise the appetite, the commission was divided: they voted for the beer, the other - for wine. We won the last, but the roach, which was paired with a beer, soldering somehow remained.


The crew consists of officers, warrant officers and sailors. The chief is still the commander, although the internal hierarchy also exists. Officers, for example, in addition to the commander, calling each other only by name, well identified for appropriate treatment. In general, as the chain of command in the Army: Chief gives orders - his slave performs no comment. Instead of bullying the Navy has godkovschina. Those sailors who only came to the fleet, are called carp: they must sit quietly in the hold and remove water and dirt. Next Cast - podgodok - the sailor, who served two years, and the coolest - godkov - they have the life of more than 2, 5 years. If you sit at a table of eight people, including, for example, two godka, the food is divided into two: one half - it is them, and the other - all the rest. Well, condensed milk can still select or send an awl run. Compared with what is happening in the army, there are practically equality and fraternity.

Charter - The Bible is our all count. Sometimes, however, it comes to the ridiculous. For example, according to the article. 33 combatant statute of Russian military forces, the movement begins only run the command "run the march." And once zamkomdiva went to sea in a latrine, and then lock hanging. He came to the central and XO ordered: "Number One, open latrine." XO sitting back - do not respond. Zamkomdiva could not resist: "Mate, bring the key run." And he continues to sit sitting. "Run, I tell you! Did not you hear me? Run! Bl .. !!! What are you waiting for? "XO shut charter, which he read, it seems, all the free time, and said:" I am waiting, Comrade Captain of the first rank, the "march" ».


Commanders are different, but all have to thrill. Sacred. Disobey or contradict him - get a reprimand in private business at a minimum. The most flamboyant boss, which I caught, - the captain of the first rank Gaponenko (Name changed. - Comm. Ed.). This was the first year of service. Only Motovsky Gulf came, Gaponenko out of sight with the flagship kipovtsem (position on the boat, mechanic equipment - Control instrumentation and automation) in his cabin. Five days drank no drying out on the sixth day Gaponenko suddenly rises in the center in a jacket and boots-Canadian: "Let's say, pop-up, have a smoke." Smoke. He went downstairs, looked around, "What are you doing here, eh?" He says, training exercises are working, so it is necessary to cooperate with a neighboring boat, 685 th board. He suddenly he climbed over the console, took the microphone and aired. "685 th board, I 681 th board, please perform the" word "(a word on the sole means stall turn, stop)." At the other end sounded some mooing. And then: "I am 685 th board, perform the" word "can not. Admission. " Gaponenko began to get nervous: "I order you to fulfill" the word "immediately!" And the answer is even more strongly: "I tell you, to fulfill the" word "can not. Admission. " Then he was quite furious: "I used ... I order you, su ... perform" word "...! Immediately, you hear! I am the captain of the first rank Gaponenko! You come into the database, su ... I'll bl ... for suspended ass! .. "There was an embarrassed silence. Then the radio operator, half-dead from fear, even more pale and whispers: "Comrade Captain of the first rank, I'm sorry, I made a mistake, we need 683rd airborne, and the 685 th board - this plane." Gaponenko remote broke, sighed: "Well, you and th @ Aki everything" - went back to the cabin and to the ascent is no longer appeared.



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