Cola, Pepsi and cancer

How serious ave to be a reason to manufacturer changed the formulation of the product? I suppose, quite good. And if it is a company which accounted for 90% of the market of carbonated beverages?
Yes, we are talking about all your favorite Coca-Cola and Pepsico. They go to this unprecedented step to avoid the appearance of the labels, warning about the risk of cancer. The fact, California has joined the list of carcinogens 4-methylimidazole, which is used in the caramel coloring for Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. Yes, a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola Company Diana Harz-Charlante stated that the move to change the recipe does not involve a threat to human life and that research in this area is far from complete.
However, laboratory tests did confirm dependence of the occurrence of cancer cells in mice with the rat 4-methylimidazole.
This is followed at all funny juggling facts - say, not exactly proved the impact of the ingredient per person (but somehow try and do not want to), and to obtain a comparable effect must vylakat thousand cans of Pepsi or Coke. Well, it just does not matter - and pesi- kolamany slurp this elixir regularly and provided 2 cans / day keep within less than one and a half years.
Drink to health, gentlemen.


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