Matter of chance

Curious stories quite a few creative discoveries. At loved by many journalists question, "How did you come to this original decision?" And stuff like that, often sounds "Yes, in general, by chance." (The fact that there is nothing accidental in this world does not happen, we are out of the brackets. Try - and something "random" necessarily will)
It happened with Iris Scott (Iris Scott). On the one hand, a matter of chance. After graduation she decided to relax in Taiwan. Well, combine relaxation with a little work. Common. The heat was quite utter, Conder worked alone in her room. Go wash the brush in hot hell did not want at all. (Here it is! Laziness - the engine of progress). Iris and did not go. And instead decided to continue working, using improvised material in the literal sense of the word. That is, the picture began to write his fingers. And she liked it! (Here, perhaps, I agree. I do not know how she turned tassels, but fingers - definitely cool). Since then, manufacturers of brushes sad - Iris more hands not not buy, but come on holiday outside manufacturers of surgical gloves - she buys them in abundance.
Technique is quite interesting (name, of course - Fingerpainting), something reminiscent of a palette knife (thin blade). This style at one time brought gentlemen Impressionists.


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