The Soviet Union in the photos

Vladimir Lagrange - a true legend and a classic of Soviet photography. He worked for more than a quarter century in the magazine "Soviet Union" and in a creative treasure in the picture was awarded the main prize of the Union of Russian Journalists and Media Guild of professional photographers. For those of you assembled a collection of interesting pictures of Vladimir. I have fun. A quarter of a century, I have worked in the largest newsmagazine country "Soviet Union". The main strategy which was to promote the socialist way of life. My task was to acquaint the reader with the work of metallurgists, pilots, miners, doctors, farmers, etc., their lives, and ultimately true. Addresses shooting, sketches of heroes found themselves relying on their understanding and kind to people who are often at odds with the views of local party leaders. Now comes a huge number of magazines and newspapers, but the heroes, as they say - photo shoots, a very different character types: do not often see people and masks - makeup, gloss uniformity plots, solid varnished life.
And this is not my heroes are not honored. The question is - when it was more hype? When I examined the file, I'm one of the friends said: "The last I saw those faces, which missed. What is heroic, hard-working, beautiful and at the same time, these kinds of people. " Here I am with them, and acquaint you.
V. LaGrange



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