Can close the topic of Lenin? Fly to Rome and break the monument Caligula

< Victoria Slavskaya

That's about Grandpa Lenin wanted to speak. Although, if only because my grandfather something was outwardly like him, and wore the same cap. I, God forbid, not a Communist, and even oktyabrёnkom never been. In no way advocate for crimes committed by Vladimir Ul'yanychev - on the contrary, against its excesses. But still, why is it him? How would say one professor Warsaw: "Let them remain as monuments of the former ignorance." In this case - as a reminder of how to do it is impossible, and there was no need to shed innocent blood at the time of the October Revolution. Maybe if she did not, we would live still under a monarchy, but the same slaves. After all, who would have made to the royal court, we are not born blue blood? Questions of blood, as would say Bulgakov.
And now, as written by one of the fans Bulgakov, former skandalistka "Boulevard" and now vospevatelnitsa Kiev defender of witches and ancient architecture of Kiev, Lada Luzin on his page: "Those who would argue that Lenin - the executioner, let the first fly to Rome and Paris, and smash with a hammer or a pair of statues of Caligula Napoleon, in order to find out whether such an argument. " It is difficult to say whether. This action is rather caused a feeling of permissiveness. But if the output - to sweep away everything in its path? .. Well, was demolished, dance on his remains, were separated on bodies ... What changed?
Of course, Simonenkov for something that is not supported the adoption of the question of the dissolution of the Cabinet, retaliated in full. Red heart bleeds. Here too the red tent, day and night until this historical (hysterical?) Of the day on duty at the foot of the leader, nothing helped, not defend favorite. "We will not demand punishment for those who are already punished by God. And God has already punished those who committed this act of vandalism, depriving them of the mind "- spoke about this red leader Symonenko. Except that the word of God as a communist is not knitted into one.
Meanwhile, the Russian TV channels will adopt a fait accompli, torsion his own way, and we will have, in their view, the national pogrom. Still like to spread the Russian chips unfortunate embalmed mummy in the mausoleum. Whatever it caused resonance? And without that already confusion and vacillation. And the Europeans are unlikely to seeing these pictures of demolition, they want to take us savages in Europe.
Maybe it should just move to another place because in the center of the capital he did not really have a place. But why is it only now noticed? And why fanatics already dismantled it for souvenirs - and those who have it and broke ?! In order subsequently to sell it on e-Bay?
Oh, and by the way: why the police standing on the sidelines, quietly and peacefully watched for a while? So, someone with them at the same time. And the appearance of ropes and special equipment for demolition, held, as well say that it is pre-planned action. To give added effect. After all, the main mission of this crazy action - redistribution accents attention. Another act to share the opinion of the masses to camp 2: "for" (long overdue carry!) And "against" (Vandals, why was touched - was, no one interfered). Just food for demotivators that fruit already, like mushrooms after rain.
Each era has its heroes, their characters and their enemies. So whether or not to demolish their monuments at regime change? A rhetorical question ...


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