11.05. Constantinople. Mitosis of the Roman Empire

year 330 BC.
There's the story turned out: Constantine (the Great it became known a bit later for some money) predictably beat the pots with her, sorry for the bad word, co-ruler Licinius. Arguing sensibly, what could be, I'm sorry again, co-ruler of the emperor? That's what I'm talking about.
Moreover, Shaw Kostya, if you believe the staff clerks from history, first caught the sensitive their noses smell tasty bonuses, sho gave new faith (if you edit it correctly) for those who steers the clearing, and said sho Christianity - a gut and Natyurlih in one bottle. Clearly, tradition, faith ancestors and all that, but being able to legitimately graze his flock under buns promises in the afterlife opened prospects just yet stunning. Any power of God - and walk, peasant al even a blacksmith with claims to the temple. And then you explain the futility of their claims.
Yes, Kostya and Lika very seriously quarreled and the first heartily slapped in a second display. It happened in the event of the year 323 AD. But to fill its head - not even half the battle. This Rome surprise was severely problematic. Kostya figured options promote themselves, loved and understood, sho do a new city - the most it. Not that Schaub know-how invented - even Sasha Alexander the Great during his glory poke, but still better than what propylit to Rome in triumph, and lie down on the pillow
. There was a good question - where? So the answer is found. Was this currently Byzantium, the Greeks still sealed, on the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, exactly at the entrance of the Bosphorus, from Europe "Suitable place." - Thought Kostya. Astrologers pitched (and without them then, Shaw is now without marketing, sorry again) - they say - in the year 328 - the most it, Schaub voice. Argue with spices - a more expensive, you know. Well, detonation and in November of that year announced the public sho Constantinople, now the new Rome, and if someone does not agree - let's discuss. Those wishing to argue for some reason was not. May 11 330 consecrated the matter officially. Ie = Constantinople New Rome. And the old Rome - sucks and pagan yesterday. Yeah. So they said. For the New Rome was not kidding. Kostya has issued an official decree. And Schaub doubts disappeared completely, it closed up, not only in writing but also in stone. A plate with the text vtulit in the Strategy, is the place where the main magistrates sat.
Clearly, such an approach sho Rome itself is not something Schaub dropped through the floor, but made the metropolis is very painful and sad. It is understandable - the Empire, Rome still bowed half of Europe, a little piece of Africa and Asia sho almost five hundred years. Habit already formed. And there is. We had to be separated. I think so, Shaw states - like cells. If you are growing very strongly - is then divided. Because how else can happen cancer.
Well, Constantinople and the Eastern Roman at that time were very different from the West and managed to catch the early new wave. For that through eight-plus years of Rome very hard put otdelentsam.
But it is already another story ... Troshka
For that, now it sho - Istanbul, a completely separate story


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