Weather surprises

Merry winter season now outstanding. Well, what we have in Ukraine long-term rate of snow fell out, we already know. Every day we have the happiness to contemplate Oh lovers of snow and other winter pure joy not groan and whine FIG weather.
Gone element, however, and much more southern edges. Basement in December and January in the Middle East, which long ago had happened. Fairly froze Europe.
And on the eve of the carnival came with frost and snow in Venice. Channels with snow and ice porridge resemble arctic ways. Courageous gondoliers do not give up and, if possible, still carry the people hiding from snow under umbrellas. Such weather mishap in Venice was observed almost eighty years. But Carnival - above all and must take place in any weather. He was held without regard to transport and traffic problems. (Snow basement almost throughout Italy, many roads were blocked). This is perhaps even add to it a certain charm. When else can you see people in carnival costumes, generously powdered snow. Oh, and the Piazza San Marco, a white veil, of course, something special.

And it is in the appendage - piled snow Colosseum. Too exotic, among other things.


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