The strongest STAR SIGNS

Surprisingly, some constellations are different determination, and self-confidence, in the list of the strongest characters were not included. So what are the signs of the strongest, and their strength is manifested in life?

For a start should be made clear that we will focus on the power of moral and spiritual, not physical. Says Vasilisa Volodina, each element can be identified by one strong sign.

Element Air:

1. Aquarius
The element of air the strongest sign of the zodiac is Aquarius. Despite some daydreaming and the pursuit of high ideals, it is a sign that can many times experience difficulties in life, but never at the same time will not give up. Aquarians are able to quickly adapt to any changes in your life that makes them morally stronger.

2. Balance
In second place on the strength of spirit in the air element are Libra. They are not so weak, but they have a bad habit to dissipate their energy and not to bring the matter to an end. They quickly lose their enthusiasm and desire, but at the same time and purpose.

3. Gemini
The weakest character in this verse is a Gemini. They can not concentrate on one thing, they often lack support from. When they perceive difficulties, they panic and ask for the help of others.

Element Fire:

1. Sagittarius
The strongest element of Fire is a Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign never lose heart and try to save humanity in all circumstances. They know how to control their emotions, do not give in to provocations and always have an opinion. Their strength lies in optimism and broadmindedness.

2. Leo
In second place - Lev. At first glance, the representatives of this sign looks strong and strong-willed people. But they are heavily dependent on external circumstances and the opinions of others. Lions are constantly in need of support and praise. If it is not, they quickly hang his nose.

3. Aries
The weakest element of fire sign - Aries. Despite the fact that this sign is a very active and energetic in his element, he gives up the slack. Aries can not control their emotions, they too are subject to what is happening in their souls. Sometimes Aries imprudent act that leads them to a difficult situation.

Earth Element:

1. Capricorn
The strongest element of the Earth sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. He is persistent, determined and consistent. It is difficult to offend and hurt to the quick. Even if everything is bad, it will still go to the purpose, though small and unhurried steps.


2. Virgin
Virgin on the second place on the strength of spirit to the earth element. They often give the impression of a strong man, but sometimes are not able to accept the world as it is, and just beginning to drift.

3. Taurus
Taurus - the sign of a weak element in the earth. Representatives of this sign do not like to change. All my life they want to live in peace and happiness, but if their plans are crumbling, Taureans are defenseless.

Water Element:

1. Fish
The Water element is the strongest sign of Pisces. Moreover, they are strong not only among the signs of his element, but among all the zodiacal constellations horoscope. This may seem a little strange, because Pisces is often completely missing link with the real world. This is their strength. Fish can endure for a long time, wait and hope. This power of the spirit to help them fight to the end for their happiness.

2. Scorpio
Scorpio - is not as strong as the fish. Its weakness is that it can be a long time to save a emotions. They will eat it from the inside, making it weaker and weaker.

3. Cancer
Cancer - the most sensitive sign of the zodiac in his element. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive and vulnerable. They always need moral support and help. If anyone close to them will not, crabs perceive it as a sign that nothing has changed, and fall into depression.

But it is obvious that the birth during the protection of the weak sign of the zodiac is not a prerequisite that the person will pursue the failure, and his life will be difficult. Also, the protection of the strong mark does not mean that a person can achieve a lot with little effort. Do not forget that each sign of the zodiac has its advantages and its sphere of influence. The main thing to remember that the strength of character not only given birth. It can be purchased in the course of life through experience and overcome the difficulties.


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