Heart of Nature (20 photos)

On the Earth's surface has hundreds of giant hearts in the form of natural lakes, artificial reservoirs and forest glades. Below they are not visible, they are only visible from a great height. A small selection of unusual natural landscapes by 14 February.

Here is a field plowed farmer in South Gloucestershire, England in honor of his late wife. (Photo by Microsoft | DigitalGlobe)

Lake-heart in the North Albanian Alps of Kosovo. (Photo Nentori)

Heart of Nature in British Columbia. (Photo by Tim Gage)

And this is the work of man: 3 pond in the shape of hearts Airport Halmstad in Sweden. (Photo by Microsoft | DigitalGlobe | Nokia)

Heart of Nature: iceberg. (Photo by Aftab Uzzaman)

Aerial view of the island to Port Chalmers (New Zealand). (Photo by laska ShoreZone Program NOAA | NMFS | AKFSC)

Lake in the National Olympic Park in Washington. One of the wildest places that have remained in the United States. (Photo by Davis Doherty)

Another photo from the satellite. Forest belt near Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Microsoft | DigitalGlobe)

The natural formation of mangrove vegetation, which is shaped like a heart. This can only be seen from above. French photographer and Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a world legend aerial photography. His works can be found in the article "Earth from the sky." (Photo by Yann Arthus Bertrand via Wikimapia)

Lake in the Austrian Alps. (Photo by Petras Kudaras)

In Brazil. (Photo by Lucas Leuzinger)

The heart of nature in the archipelago of Fiji in the South Pacific. (Photo Tavarua Island)

Satellite Picture: pond in Ohio. (Photo by Microsoft | DigitalGlobe)

Private island with villa and swimming pool in Queensland, Australia. (Photo Makepeace Island)

Lake in the mountains. Wayanad, Kerala, India. (Photo by freebird)

The heart of nature in the rock. Karnataka - Indian state on the Arabian Sea coast. (Photo Premasagar)

Atoll in French Polynesia. (Photo Rudebutgood)

One of the most famous islands in the shape of heart - Galešnjak - an island off the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. The area of ​​132,000 sq.m. Became known in February 2009, shortly before the day when the Holy. Valentine users of Google Earth have found that the shape it resembles a well-known symbol of the heart. (Photo by Microsoft | DigitalGlobe)

Breathtaking view from the ISS: the heart of Central Asia

Mulvey Lake in British Columbia

Source: bigpicture.ru


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