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Joseph E. Davies - US diplomat, the second US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, who was born on November 29, 1876. Since 1936, contributed to the successful conclusion of negotiations on a trade agreement between the USSR and the USA, and during the war in one of his speeches he said: "Of all the United Nations would be more loyal, more resistant to the maintenance and protection of permanent peace in the free world people than the Soviet people. " I offer you a personal archive footage from his daughter, who will tell you about his life, work and Moscow translation war through his eyes. The Ambassador and his wife on the Sparrow Hills.

Joseph Davis served as US ambassador to Moscow in 1936-1938 years. His main task was to assess the strength of the Soviet army and try to figure out which side will fall of the USSR in the impending war. Photo: Davis and his daughter, 1937.

Two years of Davis in the Soviet Union occurred in the period of tension in Europe - it was the civil war in Spain, the rise of Nazi Germany and the high-profile trials of "enemies of the people" in Moscow. Photo: US Embassy.

However, Joseph Davies everywhere defended Stalin and his policies. In an interview he described Stalin as Americans strict, fair leader who cares only about the welfare of the state and nation. In the photo (left to right): Davis, Stalin, Molotov.

"Communism is not a serious threat to the United States - reported Davis Washington - Friendly relations in the future may bring us a huge favor┬╗.

Later on, 2 days after Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, Davis stated that "the world will be surprised by the size of resistance, which will Russia." He appeared in print, on the radio, at numerous meetings, urging Americans to abandon prejudices against the Soviet Union and to assist the Soviet Union. Photo: Parade Nov. 7, 1937.

Diplomatic Card daughter of Ambassador, Emlen Knight Davies, who gave her all diplomatic rights and privileges.

Emlen was in the Soviet Union 20 years of age. These pictures belong to her private collection, and some of them - the most withdrawn girl.

Photos Emlen, allowing a slightly different angle to look at the pre-war Moscow, participated in the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Spaso House. Mansion Spaso House (pictured) is the official residence of the American ambassador in Moscow since 1933, when diplomatic relations were established between the United States and the CCCR.

View from the second floor of Spaso House.

At a ball in honor of Independence Day.

Masked Ball at Spaso House. For a couple of years before that, in the spring of 1935 it was a ball at the residence of the American ambassador - a precursor Davis - Mikhail Bulgakov served as an inspiration to describe the Grand Ball at Satan's novel "The Master and Margarita┬╗.

Butler, nicknamed "Dvuhborody" near the embassy Packard.

Portrait "Dvuhborodogo┬╗.

CUM before opening.

Ambassador Davis and his wife sent to a dinner to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Litvinov.

Emlen learning to skate.

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on May 18, 1945, Joseph Davies, the only Western diplomat in the history of the Soviet Union, was awarded the Order of Lenin with the wording: "For a successful activities contributing to the strengthening of friendly Soviet-American relations and promote the growth of mutual understanding and trust between the two peoples ". Photo: Park in front of the residence.



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