Soviet childhood

Let's look briefly at our Soviet past, in the days of childhood, school and first love. How many emotions and memories associated with this time, and in fact once the biggest problem was to stay at home as a punishment for a deuce or be kicked out of class. Especially for Soviet children a wonderful selection of photos of the past.

We grew up happy. We felt the love and care not only his family, but the whole of our great country.

We were confident in the future. Did that go after school to study further in technical schools and universities. Parents should not have to pay for that money to go into loans strain the family budget. We are engaged in circles, sports sections and stations for young technicians. We grew curious, read a lot of books, dreaming about the future.

We did not know what the Internet and a computer, but that did not stop us from getting a decent knowledge. Teachers in schools have to have real authority. No one, and would not dream of that would offend the teacher, and mocked him as sometimes happens now. The teacher not only give knowledge, it was for us more and educator, has formed our inner world.

And as we walked in the backyard! What were friendly company! For now, little children playing in the street, there is little they had and friends in the yard. What was interesting games - cops and robbers, the birds in the tree, catch, hide and seek, bouncer, not to mention football and hockey, etc. And of course all played war games, even the girls. If used to someone chur get up to mischief, any adult could make a remark and not worry that it will get for the head. Especially could cause the ear tomboy to parents that they have made a suggestion to the child. And no one sued for it on a strictly neighbor from the yard.

We were the pioneers, Komsomol. We have tried to be the best and achieved this. It was interesting in the summer camps, sports, construction. This is drawn together and unites us and we did everything together, were friendly team. Now the opposite is all as fragmented, and parents are afraid to send their children to summer vacation camps for children, so now it's called.



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