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In the USSR pioneer organization was founded decision-Russia conference of Komsomol May 19, 1922. Everyone who grew up in the Soviet Union, certainly remembers red ties, summer camp, rulers. This collection is designed to help some of the best pictures of the Soviet Pioneers. And what did you feel when receiving the Pioneers?

See also posts tagged Bugler Soviet pioneer camp "Summer Lightning", 1974.

The adoption of the pioneers in Red Square, 1965. What were you thinking at that moment these children?

Members of one of the first pioneer detachments in Novosibirsk, 1925.

Students, vacationers in the Union Pioneer Camp "ArtekĀ», 1963.

Orchestra students from the All-Union Pioneer Camp "Artek", 1963.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer Organization, 1967.

Pioneers of the fire, in 1981.

Pioneers in "Artek", 1967.

Honorary Pioneer guard at the monument to Lenin in Ulyanovsk, 1972.

The pioneers of Severodonetsk, 1972.

Pioneers of the city of Nurek, 1974.

Pioneer parade on Red Square, 1972.

Students in "Artek", 1986.



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