Roads Kyrgyzstan

If the traffic police stopped the horse - it Kyrgyzstan.
Then you can read about how the author went to Kyrgyzstan.

I arrived in Bishkek at a time when the weather is extremely unstable. Forecasters promised a terrible snow and arctic cold, and I wanted to get out of town and visit the villages in search of color. Looking ahead to say that the Kyrgyz meteorologists do not lie, and I did the right thing by going to study rural Kyrgyzstan immediately from the airport, though not slept more than a day.

Livestock are more than cars, and almost all the animals you can ride. And on which motor vehicles travel in the Kyrgyz outback? How are the roads? Signs? I'll tell you!

1 The flight went well. From Moscow to Bishkek only three and a half hours. Airport - a typical Soviet inside still "old-school" marble on the walls and a wooden railing. This allowed the Russian internal passport control but still need to pass. And to defend the place. Flies a plane with hundreds of passengers - let's open the three lockers, that's enough. However, all this was offset by a young girl smiling officer frontier and the words: "Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!".

Kyrgyzstan is another country where there quietly next to the car with the left and right-hand drive, here and those and others about equally.

Very many inscriptions in Russian. I think this topic will reveal more during walks in Bishkek.

Due to the weather forecast, it was decided to go immediately to the country. Aybek slept only a few hours, and I did an hour nap on the plane. But there was no choice - we have the snow to the mountain areas simply not reached.

Mountains and an ideal way.

Was very surprised by this road, but it is, and continues to be built. Two lanes in each direction, dividing the stones. However, marking yet.

These roads should be everywhere, but especially important to have them in the mountain areas, where trucks storm passes slowly and thoroughly, and overtaking on an opposite dangerous and bad ends. They say that although it is rumored, the road built Chinese, at their own expense because they use Kyrgyzstan as a transit in Kazakhstan and Russia. But I was in Russia have never met a truck with Chinese numbers (there are so many), and why they did not build the roads we? If in Russia entirely highways.

And I do not know whether to believe the legend about the Chinese or Kyrgyz themselves smart enough to build normal roads in the country, but the fact remains: the similarity highways appear.

Even if not highways, just the way a normal, smooth finish. Let's look at what the locals go?

Fleet in Kyrgyzstan old. No, not so. In rural Kyrgyzstan majority of cars - old trash that must be processed for a long time on the cans. This applies to trucks and cars. In the cities are relatively modern machines, pravorulki, the Soviet automobile industry in the country so far taxis.

That's something like that. When Russia finally fall apart all the "Lada", you will come to Kyrgyzstan to look at them and nostalgia. However, local prefer classic and retro models, no Kalin, Pryor or even just "ten" is not found.

The main thing - to believe!

You have already noticed a strange road sign on the previous photograph? He is not alone. In Kyrgyz villages signs seem to draw by hand.

There you will not find a single bus-Gazelle. All of them are legally banned as unsafe.

Any Kirghiz ready to refute the theory that you can not cram nevpihuemoe.

What's burning hut that the horse at full gallop? Broken "barge" pushes ordinary Kyrgyz woman!

Here too there are refills, counterfeits Lukoil. In general, about half of the market belongs to "Gazprom Neft".

WC for close friends.

Kyrgyzstan - Soviet child, and nowhere on it does not go away. Although we developed separately for more than 20 years, is still moving in the same direction.

Do you see the beautiful mountains behind?

A mountain is really beautiful. In the next post will be a lot of pictures with the mountains.

What's this? English language ???

"Emergency ramp?" In the wilderness of Kyrgyzstan? Is this not a dream, is not it I painted in Photoshop? Well, when people understand the importance of translating signs. It also develops tourism. As the abolition of visas for most countries that recently made Kyrgyzstan.

Inscriptions on Latin fonts, so far, excluding Republic soon. But the process started and did not stop. Russian language on the labels will be gradually supplanted by the English, and I do not see anything wrong with that.

Since the Kyrgyz language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, but we will understand it's read and, right? This would be all the officials who do not want to translate signs into English!

Roads, it must be said, is not always good. From Bishkek to Naryn about 300 kilometers, of which 100 is the highway, another 50 just a good asphalt, and the remaining 150 - primer schebёnka or both, mixed with old, broken-coated.

Maneuver between the trucks in the mountains, of course, is a pleasure. This is a real attraction and adrenaline. So today we do not need roads!

And here is the Chinese wagon.



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