Pole built a musical instrument, designed by Leonardo da Vinci (+ video version)

This news is difficult to determine in any hub, and for Habra it does not quite fit, but the news is worthy of our attention to you. The thing is that the great Leonardo da Vinci once designed a musical instrument that could be an interesting addition to tools of classical music. But the tool was not built to do with the life of the great thinker, nor, for a very long period of time after his death.

And only after many centuries Pole named Slawomir Zubritskiy (Slawomir Zubrzycki) recreated this tool in reality. The tool itself is a cross between a piano and cello, at least, so says the Polish master.

Indeed, this tool can be described as keyboard-stringed fiddle. Outwardly, it looks like as a piano, but inside lurks feature. Namely - the four rotating wheels, the rim of which stretched horsehair. The wheels rotate constantly, thanks to the foot pedal, which should advance musician. And when you click on a particular key tool wheel omitted string on which a third horse hair.

The sound is quite interesting, and below you can listen to some music, performed by the creator of the tool.

The tool is very complex, on his re-creation of the project da Vinci at the Pole took 5,000 hours. The tool is called Viola Organista.

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