Liv Tyler

She inherited from her parents all the most beautiful: sensual lips from his father and rock musician and the perfect body of the mother model. It seems that she has a predisposition to being famous, laid at the genetic level. Jeanine Lobell, her personal make-up artist, said that she has a rare and incredible features film star. Tyler always as simple makeup: spotlessly clean skin and innocent blue eyes, penciled liner.

Just a few days ago in the Los Angeles premiere of the film "Super", in which Liv played a major role. She rarely changes his choice of hairstyle. So this time she appeared in his usual manner, accentuates her natural beauty.

And yet, what was it?


Three year old Liv with her mother on the set of model Bebe Byuel. It seems that her deep eyes over the years have not changed.


At age 14, Liv has become a model, but then she realized that her career as an actress attracts more. At 16, the girl had the first notable role in the movie the group «Aerosmith».


Liv is only 17, but it has charm wakes Hollywood star. Attractive brunette image with shiny curls and chubby sponges already attracted the attention of photographers.


This year, 19-year-old beauty starred in the movie "Stealing Beauty." It is said that at the Cannes Film Festival photographers climb trees to take pictures of a new muse Bertolucci. She looked divine: expressive naturalness, from which no one could take his eyes.


A year of transformation for the young star. It makes a short cut Eaton. Classic works on her makeup, nothing more - carefully dyed lashes up eyes, smooth skin tones and a warm shade of lipstick.


Liv grow hair again. Its new area of ​​experiments - makeup. Instead, warm chocolate shade of lipstick, she uses rich red blush and deals.


Image 2001 - straight hair, locks fixed on the back of the head, hair oblique fringe adds. Rosy cheeks and delicately accentuated eyes make her look like a young Audrey Hepburn.


Another good way of Liv, with whom she appeared at the premiere of the film "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." I really like the make-up of her eyes, brought them so that they look almost like a cat.


The image in the style of "hippie chic" looked perfectly at Fashion Week in 2003.


In the same year, Liv Tyler became the face of the brand Givenchy. It is even more experimenting with sexual makeup, emphasizing the eyes and making lips more sensual.


The actress has become a real Hollywood star. Laying in the style of Veronica Lake and deep red lips. Divine!


Quite discreet way Liv, which did not detract from its merits. The collected hair in a high ponytail reveal sparkling joy face of the actress.


Again, the natural way, which is only one delight. At the party, Oscar Vanity Fair Liv blossomed and attracted the attention of the audience with its beauty.


Liv changed its usual shade of chocolate brown hair red.


Classic and cute image: bob with curly locks and soft makeup.


Sverhglamurnaya Liv. Smokey ice, shiny lips and chic styling of the slicked back hair made a star actress on the red carpet at the premiere of the film "The Incredible Hulk».


Again, curly bob and moderate makeup. Sometimes, to get attention, not necessarily to change dramatically. Liv knows it.


Liv everything as beautiful as it was ten years ago. She also sensual and beautiful.

Probably every girl dreams about the same chic, shiny curls, like Liv Tyler. Her stylist David Babayi, revealed the secret of incredible brilliance and strength of hair celebrity.
When creating hairstyles I use a special oil for hair - Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment. It keeps the shape and styling gives it a natural blesk.

Stylist said before drying hair drier, it distributes the oil throughout the hair. Then wind the strand on the hot rollers of various sizes. After that, add a little oil on your hands, it distributes locks, simultaneously giving them the desired shape. The result is a wonderful styling curly curls natural form.



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