How to do it: family daycare

Kindergarten Gydatun - it's just a big house, where he lives Liv Friis Skugstad with her husband. Twenty years ago, Liv realized that she wanted to deal not only with their children, but also with strangers. So she found the children's teachers, went to the commune, took it a license for the content of kindergarten, to make repairs in the house and began to host kids from Kristiansand (Norway). Now, her first-born and have grown up themselves will soon bring their children to the grandmother Liv.
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For those who want to open their kindergarten municipality grants a loan for the construction of a microscopic percentage, and then compensates for the cost, equating the cost of service in the private garden with the state. Monthly payment in the garden Liv is 2,500 kronor (approx. $ 416), about the same for each child adds the municipal budget. Now the garden walks eight children, four of their service staff, including the children's teacher.

When we arrived, the kids just woke up and singing a song, set to afternoon tea. The kitchen cooked vegetable lapskaus and Sander (cousin of my granddaughter) was the spread plates of food. Desperate blond left - it Emil (with the accent on the e).

This ginger honey called Ingrid.

Left - Liv, in the center - the mother of one of the kids, to the right of it - Alinka.

Emile is eating better than anyone - ate one plate and asked for additions. Liv sat down to feed him herself. Brother Sander (right) watches in disgust as fed counterpart. He himself did not eat.

Lapskaus - top view. This, of course, useful, but I would let this also refused.

That Sander is trying to hide from lapskausa.

But Emil-to-emphasis-on-E is quite satisfied with his life and menus in my garden.

You can not say about Noelle, who just won the food in your mouth and sit with her, not knowing what to do next.
Children spread the fruits of improved mood.

Torture and snack over malyshnya happily rolls out into the yard. There's Playground, a lot of different toys, a sandbox and a real boat.

Sander is trying to sculpt sand cakes using buckets. Noel fit and destroys the result of his labor. Sander is not offended.

Liv sitting with Ingrid. For it is not a job but a way of life. She just likes to be around there were many children. Her own four children and sixteen grandchildren.

The oldest is Alexander. Mum from her Polish father - Norwegian. She is very funny adds to the Norwegian Polish words end.

Emil playing with a toy channel through which boats float.

Noel busy with truck and seems to dream, we go already home to Vincent. She calls it "Vuva».
We say goodbye, we take away the maiden, her suitcase, sit in the car and was about to leave.
In parting, Liv sympathetically interested, as there is in Russia fires - many are watching what is happening here.



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