Beauty and the Beast

About stellar pairs are far from harmonious look together, wrote already done. However, the list of celebrities, which applies the expression "Beauty and the Beast", you can go on and on. Meet - the next portion of the show-Corporate Business couple who, being next to each other, are not pleasing to the eye. These were not just sultry beauty and unattractive men, and even members of the same sex! See and evaluate:

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett. Although now Julia is no longer recognized as the most beautiful actress in the early 90's she just shone. After it dried up many men, and beautiful, and famous, but partners in life she chose actor and country singer Lyle Lovett, who next to "Beauty" looked very very sad. Perhaps that is why Roberts and Lovett parted ways in 1995.

Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritts. Rossum, after which the role in "Phantom of the Opera" critics called "American Angel", because of employment in various projects has not been able to find a boyfriend. But the holy place is never empty - Amy is still in love. However, it could be called an angel chosen except his mother. But something in Adam musician Durittse actress still found, so for him, and threw her husband, actor Jason Segel.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Despite the fact that the characters who play British comedian Cohen Jewish origin, many seem to be disgusting (remember glamorous gay Bruno), in the privacy of the actor broke his jackpot. Actress Isla Fisher is not included in the top of the sexiest women in Hollywood, but hardly anyone dares to call her unsympathetic. Sacha Baron Cohen and Fisher live happily married for several years and have two daughters. That's just the title of the most beautiful couples, they would not have won ...

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Well, as they say here, I know komments. Not only that seemingly Marc completely lost on the background of his sexy wife, so also there are rumors that Jennifer Lopez pays debts Blessed! This is purely subjective opinion, is no good.

Avril Lavigne and Whibley Derrick. Last year, when singer of Sum 41 beat Japan, Lavigne, who was with him in a state of divorce, even came to visit a spouse in the hospital! But in 2006, Avril trumpeted to the whole world that marries the best man on the planet. Perhaps it's for the better - the singer's new boyfriend Brett Jenner much nicer Whibley.

Elton John and David Furnish. Sir Elton lip no fool - if and declare the whole world about their own homosexuality, as a partner must choose the handsome! I wonder what opinion about Furnish appearance their star husband?

Cord and Oksana Akinshina.

And finally - inharmonious pair of Russian show business. When the first rumors that the fragile actress and singer Oksana Akinshina uses foul language-cord occur, many thought it was a stupid joke. However, there is - and Akinshina cord even managed to live together. When they parted ways with the scandal, the actress fans sighed with relief.


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