"Tinted city"

Residents of big cities can rarely enjoy full starry sky, as light pollution flows into the field of view only the brightest space objects. French photographer Thierry Cohen (Thierry Cohen) in its own project "Tinted city" (fr. Villes éteintes) decided to cheat - he photographed metropolis day, obscuring them with treatment, and then imposed a new layer of the starry sky. Here's a he turned krasota.

Shanghai, China. (Thierry Cohen) 95,945,088

Shanghai, China. (Thierry Cohen)

Hong Kong, China. (Thierry Cohen) 94,070,150

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Thierry Cohen) 12,415,436

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Thierry Cohen)

Los Angeles, USA. (Thierry Cohen) 92,793,037

New York, USA. (Thierry Cohen) 81,764,268

Paris, France. (Thierry Cohen)

Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Thierry Cohen) 35,797,860

Tokyo, Japan. (Thierry Cohen)

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