Life rowdy

Father this boy was just a terrorist, and his mother - a complete alcoholic. High school, he eventually did not finish - fled to New York. He was a man gifted - and cruel at the same time. He had a broken nose, exuberant nature, a bunch of kids, but was more interested about the food and aziatochkami than children. I am familiar with all the more or less great actors and directors of his time. Cats love more than people ...

Quotes Marlon Brando did not quote, simply because it is quite banal aphorisms. They do not make as much surprised by a new vision of the world, but simply talk about the Marlon. Marlon was an evil man and a great plague. Honestly, sometimes it's funny.

The actor - is someone who does not listen, is not talking about nem.

As for the women, I have a bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end. I'm overwhelmed noose around his neck, so that they run away and come closer, too, can not. It's like catching zmey.

If anything harmful to the stomach, so it look like actors on television talk about their personal lives.

The movie star - a man sitting on a throne in the pouring sugar dozhdem.

Actor - primarily a poet, and only as a last resort shoumen.

I have eyes like a dead svini.

Acting - an expression of a neurotic impulse. This vagabond life. To finish the game - a sign of the onset of zrelosti.

I do not think I'm fat. Are you still able to make a couple of monet.

If we do not guard his brethren, let us at least do not be their executioners.

If you want something from the public, you must give their blood their fantasies. It's so davit.

Never confuse the size of their salaries and the size of its talanta.

Closed from public private life is not something to which I am entitled is indispensable uslovie.

The only reason I'm in Hollywood, one that I did not have the courage to abandon deneg.

The only thing an actor has to the public - not to make her skuchat.

This replica of the painting, where he grumbles, "No one ever told me what to do" - that's how I felt all my zhizn.

To catch the meaning of life - the duty of an actor to interpret it - the problem of the actor, and express it - it holy obyazannost.

The natives of the southern seas do not speak in English, but their vocabulary is enough to share all of Hollywood movies into two categories: bang-bang and smack-chmok.


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