The body 5 million.

"One morning I woke up I was horrified by the thought: what if tomorrow I'll get in a car accident, get sick, I'll start to get fat, or even happen to me something terrible? And I'll never be able to act! "Those words uttered Sharon Stone and on the same day, leaving all things, he hastened to renew the insurance rate your glorified body 5 million.

So, to everyone's attention the insane insurance celebrities Part 2:

The first culprit discovered the fashion for non-standard insurance, became the actor-comedian Ben Turpin silent film. In 1920, he insured his eyes on the 25 th. Dollars. By the way, the actor considered his squint "key to fame»

Madonna, decided to insure his chest was denied by insurance since it is incredible the amount requested, namely 6 million. Dollars for each breast. Known for the famous insurance company, which will give a positive response, but if Madonna wants to insure your voice!

In 1981, the legendary Gina Lollobrigida has insured her breasts for the amount 600tys. dollars to the extension of coverage every year. And every year, the expert measures the distance between the abdomen and extremities breast actress. And when the breasts droop, Lollobrigida will receive the amounts due.

British footballer Michael Owen has insured her legs $ 85 million

and, the idol of the fans of football Zinedine Zidane has insured her legs for 30 million dollars

While Michael Jackson has insured her legs just 5 million. Dollars

Language taster British coffee shop chain Costa Coffee, Gennaro Pelitstsiya insured by Lloyds of 13, 95 million dollars.

Comedian Ken Dodd has insured its "beautiful" teeth 4 million pounds

lead singer of the legendary «The Rolling Stones» Mick Jagger has insured her voice for 2, 5 million dollars

Luciano Pavarotti praised his voice in 1 million. Dollars

Italian actress Ornella Muti has insured her breasts for 300 thousand. dollars. But that is not stopping beauty insures her face for 4 thousand dollars

Samantha Fox was able to insure his chest luxury of only 270 thousand dollars

movie star Pamela Anderson has insured itself against plastic surgery for 35 thousand dollars

Marilyn Monroe appeared not greedy and has insured her legs only 10 thousand dollars

Writer, producer and one of the most successful American film directors Steven Spielberg in a mad insurance surpassed all. In England, he was able to insure the life of 1, 2 billion dollars !!!


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