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18 years inclusive. :-) Of the dozens of young actresses, we selected our standard top 8. It was difficult, but I think everything turned out fine:

Under the cut decryption (it is better not to read to view the video, it will not be interesting).

Editors' "presents you with the rating of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood 18 years. Some of them have not finished school and have already conquered the hearts of men. It is not surprising, because men love with their eyes, and look at these beauties - a real pleasure.

Opens our eight searing red-haired beast Bella Thorne. Actress, light up in more than 20 movies and 40 TV commercials, has proved itself in the comedy genre. Most of all, she is known for the TV series "Shake," although it is clear that her best role yet to come. In the following, the screens will come just two films with her participation. And this is just the beginning, because the young actress just ... 13 years! Too sexy for her age looks Bella gets eighth place in today's charts.

Seventh place goes to the American actress, concurrently UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Selena Gomez. The star of children's TV show in 11 years, has pledged to keep the virginity before marriage, but in 2011, Selena decided against it. Apparently Justin Bieber knows how to charm women. The dark-haired actress with full lips captured the hearts not only Justin, but also millions of teenagers around the world. However, it is well disguised sexuality: chubby cheeks and look demure still give it a teenage girl.

In sixth place 17-year-old Taylor Momsen. The star of the youth series "Gossip Girl" is a way of not only shooting, but also at their concerts. Tight black pencil shaded his eyes do not give to see all the beauty of the girl's an actress, but her clothes and behavior make it clear - the girl has matured. It seems that Taylor can not wait to catch up with Madonna and her outrageous behavior. Otherwise, why even seventeen year old girl says in an interview that her best friend is a vibrator, and walk around the streets with a cigarette? Not surprisingly, Taylor still has not acquired a boyfriend. Vulgar underage sexuality today in sixth place.

Fifth place is occupied by the actress and ninety-seven, born Chloe Moretz. This actress, despite his tender age, has already received four awards for his acting talent. Chloe removed not only in children's films. In 2010, she starred in the movie "Kick-Ass" as little killer at the end of this year, the screens will be released film, where she works with values ​​such as Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Christopher Lee. Sizzling eyes squinting, which is so skillfully uses Russian model Sasha Pivovarova, attracts attention, and natural makeup makes fall in love with this girl, gradually turns into a woman with irregular beauty.

Fourth place went to Miley Saurus, who barely together in our rating, because it is already eighteen. She is sexy, charming and always with a big smile on his face. Her most famous role - Hana Montana, but the actress is trying to escape from it, acting in larger films as "The Last Song" and "I like the mystery." However, it results in a new genre still remain barely visible. But for our ranking creative achievements are of no importance. It changes boyfriends and openly declares that he feels uncomfortable when her boyfriend - her attractive. Maybe this was the reason for breaking up with her latest favorite Liam Hemsuortom?

Three leaders opens the same age as Miley Cyrus, the actress Victoria Justice, who began his career at age 10, starring in an episode of "Gilmore Girls." Then Victoria started to move in her acting career, getting roles in small films. Between times, Justice records his songs. Who knows, maybe one of the passions would bring her success, and in a few years to speak about it around the world. The brunette with expressive brown eyes and beautiful skin wins its Olympus, trying himself in different roles, and we delight to watch her and wish her good luck in your endeavors.

Second place went to the young actress Sasha Peters. It can be found in such films as "Family Business", "House", "Good Luck Chuck", although in the latter case is just the opposite - it is difficult to find in the image of a goth girl. On the other side of the screen sexy this girl is so obvious that it is not required Description: high cheekbones, dimples, lush hair and playful look doing their job. Fifteen-year Sasha can only shine in the rays of the attention of men of different ages.

Well, here we are getting to first place in our ranking of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood 18 years. She began her career with McDonald's advertising and successfully continue its working with such stars as Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron and Dennis Hopper.

Anna Sophia Robb, in his seventeen years, the young actress is removed not only in comedies such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," a role which brought her fame, but also in adventure films as "Bridge to Terabithia," "Race to Witch Mountain" . The film "Sleepwalking" allowed the girl to discover their talents in the drama genre. This is very surprising, given its cloudless childhood, which is not the co-star Charlize Theron, who in his youth experienced the drama of life. Sexuality Anna Sophia is just beginning to unfold: its open white teeth smile disarms, and gray eyes dazzle. Surprisingly, she almost became a victim of its own success: director of "Bridge to Terabithia" Anna felt too attractive for the role of Leslie and would refuse. However, the casting she proved that appearance does not exclude talent.

So, in the first place our segodnyashy chart Anna Sophia Robb and her innocent sexuality. We hope it is not yet time will delight us with new roles!

And we say goodbye to you, see you in the new edition!


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