On our site it was already a post on advertising, which proved to be banned. I decided to pursue the subject, but some of what I saw shocked me. Of course, I understand that everyone wants to attract attention, but sometimes it is too much behind the curve.

Judge for yourself. The most daring of advertising that are shocking. Nervous and highly impressionable better not to watch)

Well, start-to!

Advertising is dedicated to the tsunami occurred in Brazil in 2009.

"The tsunami killed a hundred times more people than the September 11».

It is dedicated to the protection of animals. France in 2009.

"Do not treat others as you would not want to react to you».

Advertising chocolate «Caribu Bitter»

"Dark price sweetness».

Advertising Fund to protect children against sexual violence «Casa Do Menor» - «Hands" (Spain, 2009).

"Some things are forever».

Advertising tobacco control campaign. France 2010.

"Smoking makes a slave of tobacco»

Thai newspaper «Prachachat» show all the truth of life. School.

"Look through the truth».

German Fund for Animal Welfare is opposed to the castration of pigs and removal from mink pelts.

"Feel like a pig" and "Feel like mink».

Belgian men's magazine «IP Press». Reklamka called "Killing Kennedy".

"If a man is your goal, make sure you did not miss».

Advertising «Duncan Quinn» in 2008.

So advertise Italian site

Literally, "Do not cut off the dream" can be "Do not chop off the dream" and the "Santa Claus developers dream».

The famous company «Sisley». The inscription reads "Fashion Junkie».

Do fashion trends «Superette» its own version.

Another campaign for the protection of minors from rape.

"If you're over 18 and you have sex with underage girls - a rape».

This advertising has killed me. Children's Defense Fund in the Philippines. "Piglets».

"If you do not feed them, then who?»

The company «Masterlock» with its advertising "Hippie».

Advertising on Spanish TV channel «Calle 13". I understand that advertise knives and hair dryers.

And this is the best ice cream in the world «Antonio Frederici».

The meaning of the first sentence, I do not really understand (A second "Immaculate Conception».

"Reporters without Borders»

"The ink should flow where blood flows».

Advertising sneaker company «Ponny» called "Black Jesus».

Israeli cigarettes «Kiss».


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