No one argues that Madonna is the queen of pop music? After all, no woman-singer have not yet managed to surpass it and become more popular and successful. Personally, I've never been a fan of Madonna rampant, but some of her songs from the distant '90s very much. In this, I wanted to know where to begin Madonna? What was she then, in the early years of his career, and so until 1991?

Style 80s is something! Well - to how people dressed at the time, I'm still normal, but an eyebrow Madonna of the time I now nightmares dreams are, that's for sure! I do not understand how so you can walk (excuse me, all those who are pokdonnikami just such thick-under-dense forests, but for me it is quite unacceptable - even if such a fashion was, in that you can understand ... but oh well, I'm here not about fashion, and certainly not about the eyebrows)

While that remove excess hair on the body is still not able to, or it was not fashionable?

But from this angle it was a very beautiful picture of her eyebrows, and even I was not a bit confused, I see it's still heavily dependent on the makeup ...

Some of the photos, which are made at the beginning of her career, she looks much older than in the photographs, which are made much later. But not always and not in all the photos. Surely leave its mark on fashion clothing, hairstyles, make-up at the time

This picture, by the way, made one of the first live performances of the future queen of pop scene

I look at the top career Madonna quite often allowed myself to experiment with color and hair length and have a closer to the 2000th year she became a blonde and chose plus or minus one version of haircuts, and initially everything was there:

Notice what her hands (she has always seen active in sports)

In 1986-1987, Madonna with a boyish haircut looks very not bad, but I still like it better when her hair longer

She tried to dress according to fashion - though now it seems to be quite unsightly, but earlier, it was oh-oh-oh, how fashionable)

But since it is very organically entered in modern times (I somewhat resembles the image of Beyonce from some video, but I can not remember how the song was called)

This, even so ... I can not find words to describe - it hurts me to like it in the following two photos:

Around 1989 it appeared the image of the one that is closer to the Madonna, as we know it now, but anyway still was quite a long period of time before she settled on one thing

For a year she had time, and sometimes three times and change her hairstyle and hair color)

About the way it was)) may not, in the beginning, but at least for a long time (^_^)

And as if she did not look and that she did not put on, and that whoever would not speak about it - it is Madonna, the queen of pop ...


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