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The Russian premiere of the documentary film about the life of concert mega guys from the group One Direction - «One Direction: This is Us" just around the corner - August 30 fans have talented guys from the UK can storm the cinema box office to get the best seats.

In the film crew travels with kids and removes all: everyday life, behind the scenes, concerts, chatting with fans. The film aims to show the real life of the band One Direction and make them closer to the fans, but the opinions of film critics are not encouraging: the guys that are accused of star disease, in the "window dressing" ... But no matter what connoisseurs of cinema, the film certainly pay off thanks to loyal army of fans or, as they call themselves "direkshinerov» (directioners). The group has more than 14, 5 million subscribers on Twitter, but the trailer for the film on YouTube before the premiere received more than 11 million views.

The guys from OneDirection (or producers) are not the first who decided to attract additional attention, removing a documentary about the backstage life. Before you 6 more films about singers designed to introduce fans closer to real life stars.

6. Kylie Minogue: White Diamond

During a concert tour Kylie «Showgirl» in 2011 operators made small cuts from her behind the scenes of everyday life in order to add them to a DVD with a concert as bonus material. But in the middle of a concert tour Kylie and the world learned the terrible news - the Australian miniature beauties cancer. This news will knock out of the rut of any, but Kylie picked herself and continued touring. Since a short scene behind the scenes became more personal and there appears a real character Kylie. Subsequently, it was installed and instead funny music video was very personal, emotional documentary. Since the beginning it was not a commercial project, the film did not go to theaters and was not shown on TV, Kylie Minogue limited DVD.

5. Bob Marley: Marley

In 2012, Kevin MacDonald introduced the world to a very detailed documentary film about the life of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. The film is a genre of documentary film in all its glory: lit and creative career of Bob Marley and his personal life. In the tape included detailed and candid interviews with his friends and loved ones. Prior to this film, many did not know how early in his career the singer struggled with stereotypes about its origin, nationality, appearance. Film critics praised the film almost unanimously, and the formal recognition was expressed in the form of film and nominations for the award Grammmy, and BAFTA (BAFTA).

4. Bob Dylan: No Direction Home

Documentary on the life of Bob Dylan released in 2005. The film is based on the video materials by Martin Scorsese, who zapechatlelt life and career of American legend in the period from 1961 to 1966. It was at this time there was a change from his folklernoy music to rock and reflects the profile of these changes in the nature of a singer, and in his work.

3. Katie Perry: Part of Me

In the summer of 2012 on the big screen a documentary about the world concert tour Katie Perry California Dreams. The idea of ​​the film remains the same - to acquaint visitors with the way work world stars and what they worth it. The beginning of the film draws to neem bright polished image, and all seems a bit unreal. The culmination of the film takes place at a time when Katie during a concert tour learns that her husband Russell Brand wants a divorce. That's when we see the real Katie: real, human emotions and incredible professionalism: after some 20 minutes she already had to go on stage to delight thousands of fans bright performance ...

2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

A documentary film about the path to fame Canadian young talent Justin Bieber, which, however, it is not surprising if we take into account the extent of its popularity. At the time of filming, Justin was only 17, so besides the concert tour movie full of children's video, in which a little boy learning to sing and play on the first toy, and then a real musical instrument. The main message of the film is self-belief and determination of the singer. However, to our review of the movie, most viewers did not consider this film inspiring, but the 3D effects come to their liking. Charges the film were still quite high due to the huge army of loyal fans.

1. Madonna: In Bed With Madonna / Truth or Dare

Whatever the queen of pop scene Madonna, she is one step ahead. In 1991, Justin Bieber has not yet been born, and rebel Madonna has filmed a documentary about his concert tour Blonde Ambition! All the same dressing room, stage and colorful costumes. And all the same personal life: chatter with back-vocalists and dancers, awkward meeting with old friends and chat with relatives. But it was something radically new in the field of documentary film, so the interest in the film was very large.

Scandal and the hype surrounding the documentary was vyznat not only of the films, but also litigation. In 1992, the dancers who participated in the tour, filed for pop diva to court for violation of personal space during the filming and distortion of information about them in the project. Litigation lasted 2 years



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