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This post is inspired by recent articles and comments on this site, while others occur about the same.

The fact that the audience likes to choose his "least favorite" pets, those who occupy the first place various ratings that have successfully acted in the movie who sign one contract after another and who do not go on television and magazine covers. In the wake of the popularity of these stars are most welcome in any gear, the most demanded "the distributors of" autographs and so on. And why? Because the bulk of their loves.

Here you can reasonably argue, "Why should I be both mass and pretend that he / she is pleasant to me, if I am sick of him and his game." Here is a reasonable answer: you do not have anything to anyone, you have every right to their opinion. But there is one "if": if you have a reason for it, that is, explanation, for example, I do not like this actor on such and such a reason. But more often, unfortunately, people take the side of aggressive antipathy just because this person is known to them already fed. This is understandable, these stars are everywhere! But is this a reason to hate this or that celebrity? Is this a reason to reproach their lifestyle, mental abilities? If the negative tone debated talent, there is no problem in the end, we were all able to witness on screen and evaluate from their own perspective. But when the discussion style of dress, appearance, marital status, manner of speech - where you, ie us know that they represent themselves as individuals ?! All we see is the image that they have created in order to maintain interest in his person.

Take, for example, Robert Pattinson. Yes, him, you're sick? Just be patient, please.

Recently on this site was a post about, without which he can not live. Good post, a lot of quotes, a lot of irony, but ... why take it so seriously quotes? He stebetsya, supports the image with a very extraordinary person "suddenly" phrases that are out of place, is causing hair, makes questionable haircut ... It's all for the sake of image.

It is his understanding of the "eccentricity", why not allow him to be what he wants to be? It is not imposed on us, "Love me! Do you want me. "

About Kristen Stewart and her ever-open mouth and daunskoe expression, as stated in one of the posts on this site. You do not love her eternally open mouth? Do not you think that someone does not like your toed gait, or your duck flattened lips, or something else that is a part of you, any part of your image? Why do you have the right to these habits, and she is not?

And is not their own business to decide with whom to sleep? Why do we doubt the pair of them, if we do not know anything about their relationship ?!

The same pair of Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise. The poor woman, and on the screens a little there, but still it has more haters than at least indifferent. Why is that? It's simple: the husband and daughter are constantly in the news, and they are already rather bored with all of Tom with his religion, a daughter - with his shaggy hair. She goes for the company. If Tom swept into the sect and the wife "prishlepnutaya" style and her awful. But it's her style, her comfortable so why not take it? What are their relationships with my husband, we do not know, why blame them?

Why do people think that their style of dress only right? If something's not like they have, it just is negative. But let us remember that we all live in different countries, in different cultures where people dress differently. Let's take these differences, not all of his brush comb.

If you want someone to blame, not reasonable to blame the media who feed us the same characters? After all, we do not want to be vilified in every corner of our manner of speech, for our style of dress and so on. We want to be free of the reproach and condemnation. And we believe that we do everything correctly. So they, too, believe that they are doing the right thing and want to express themselves. Just as we are. The difference is that we know them, but they have not.

It seems that once they public personalities, they have to do everything to please us to dress as we like to say, as we like to have affairs with someone who we believe is right for them ... And in fact, they are nothing to anyone should not. They do their work and get their salary. Just as we are.

In this post, I did not mean to offend anyone personally, one of the authors do not specifically mean, a barrel at no rolls. I just wanted to ask, let's look a little further than his nose and not to judge the personality of those whom we do not know. Let's discuss and condemn their work and talents, ie what we see and know, and not what we think, and that does not fit our standards.


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