Steven Meisel is considered a classic of modern fashion photo.

Steven Meisel is considered a classic of modern fashion photo. His talent can say thank you to dozens of models and even supermodels: Meisel is the author of photos, which opened the world's Jessica Stam and Coco Rocha. He is also author of the image, which depicted Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington - this photo symbolizes the moment when they moved from the category of ordinary models supermodel

One of the most famous conceptual Meisel shoots - "Love and do not fight." The theme is not new, but what is the embodiment ... Meisel genius - is recognized by many of its customers - the fashion house Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Veneta, Armani, Phi. Although the master himself modestly says, it's all about the inner beauty of the models, which it just helps to unfold

Meisel equally masterly work out and color, and black and white photos. At last there is some special style - one that was present at the pre-war fashion pictures

When asked how he defines the inner potential of the model, Meisel says: "I do not know. Let it sounds corny, but I have a flair. In this my whole wacky talent ยป

Steven Meisel has worked with many stars of show business. The famous picture of the Madonna for Vogue in 1991 - his handiwork

Gwyneth Peltorou by Steven Meisel

Sandra Bullock by Steven Meisel

Again, Madonna, this time in a photo shoot for Louis Vyutton 2008


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